Iden (calendar)

the Iden (lat. Idūs) of a monthly are certain days in the Roman calendar. In March, May, July and October (MILMO - months) they fell on the 15. , in the other months on the 13. Day of the monthly. With the Etruskern the day was called Itus; the Sabiner called it Iden. The Iden was beside the Kalenden, Nonen and Terminalien one of the four being certain holidays, which each month of the Roman calendar had. These four holidays originally designated the moon quarters (Kalenden: Neumond, Iden: Full moon, Nonen and Terminalien: more increasingly and/or. removing Halbmond).

The word Iden is used as Pluraletantum in German as in latin only in the Plural.


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