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Idi amine Dada (* 17. May 1928 as Idi Awo Ongo Angoo in Koboko, Uganda; † 16. August 2003 in Dschidda, Saudi Arabia) was from 1971 to 1979 ugandischer dictator. Its date of birth becomes in other sources also with 1.January 1928 as well as indicated as the birth years 1923, 1924 and 1925. Likewise after other sources its correct name Idi amine Dada Oumee reads.

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of amine origin is surroundedof many myths. It comes of the Adibu clan, the Ethnie of the Kakwa in the south Sudan. His father Andreas Nyabire, a Christian, crossed to the Islam and called themselves amine Dada. He was a soldier and policeman. Its nut/mother Assa Aatte originates from a Ethnie the today's Congo. Itwas medicine woman. Parents separated 1931. The rumor goes that the Kabaka (king) Daudi Chwa II. in truth the father of Idi amine is.

The illiterate was 1.93 meters large and weighed more than 200 kg. Ten years long he was box master of allClasses of its country. Occasionally it had four women, with whom it was to have about 20 to 25 children.


in the Second World War participated Idi amine in fights in Burma . 1946 it followed the British colonial army. 1953 to 1959 were Amine in Kenya as a captain of the British colonial army at striking down the Mau Mau rebellion in such a way specified takes part. 1961 became Idi amine as a first black soldier of Uganda officer. In the year 1962 Uganda attained independence. 1966 it was involved in the fall of the president Mutesa. 1967 became he commander in chief of the armed forces.


to 25. January 1971 seized Idi amine in a unblutigen Putsch power. Milton Obote participated straight in a conference that Commonwealth - states in Singapore . In the west the Putsch with easement was taken up. Great Britain and Israel recognized the change of power immediately on.

After few days disappeared however intellectual ones, high officers and judges. Whole villages, which had supported Obote, were made equal to the ground. The inhabitants were killed. Thus Idi became the symbol of the brutal African Gewaltherrschers. Between 100.000 and 500.000 humans fellaccording to estimations of human right organizations of its eight-year old despotism to the victim. It is said that Idi amine also fed some its victims - there are for it however no sound proofs.

Because fast enough graves could not be dug, it left the corpses to the crocodiles in the Nile toAte accuse. In order to improve its trade relations to the Arab states, amine with Israel broke and became an embittered opponent of Israel. He the gentleman-light Gräueltaten of the national socialists in Germany at the Jews and knows Israelis out, in order to come at arms money from Libya.

1972 referredit in the context of a Afrikanisierungskampagne the Asians of the country. Foreign enterprises were expropriated. Thereby lost Uganda which became bead of Africa, its upper and central layer and economically ruined. Το ER hielt sich στο der Macht, δίνει στον κύβο Handel trieb und Sowjetunion Westen der weiterhin mit ihmweapons to it with supplied.1975 selected it the organization for African unit (OAU) to its president.

he could 1976 be appointed the president on lifetime. In the summer Uganda turned out into the headlines, as an airplane of the air France on the flight from Tel Aviv to Paris by Palestinians one gekapert and one kidnapped after Entebbe. The release of the hostages by Israeli special-purpose forces on ugandischem territory (operation Entebbe) was a humiliating for Idi amine.

in October 1978

he gave the instruction to end and escape for the invasion of Tanzania (Operation Magurugur), in order to cement tears within its military. By occupation and Annexion of the Kagera - area provoked Uganda a counterreaction of Tanzania. In the Gegenoffensive became the capital Kampala of tansanischen troops as well as Exilugandern (Uganda national liberation Army (UNLA)) to 11. April 1979 taken. First amine fled to Libya and afterwards into the Iraq. Finally it went to Saudi Arabia into the exile, where the government put a mansion in the city Dschidda to it on the condition that it politically do not work, at the disposal. Therein such a way titulierte butcher from Africa died after longer time in coma to 16. August 2003 at blood high pressure and kidney failure.

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