Igli Tare

Igli Tare (* 25. July 1973 in Vlora, Albania) is an Albanian football player.

The Tare born in Albania went with 16 years to Germany and in German associations was trained. With 21 years he came at that time to the sports association southwest Ludwigshafen playing in the upper league. Later it to the Karlsruher sports club changed one year into the 1. Soccer federal league. Here it fought for fast a place in the team, sat themselves in its second season however mostly on the bank. Therefore it changed 1997 to Fortuna Duesseldorf into the 2. Soccer federal league. With Duesseldorf it ascended two years later again into the federal league, lost its master place however to the back round. Therefore it changed to the next season to Italy, to Brescia Calcio. it changed there larger chances there for 2003 to the fiber plastic Bologna it had to be able to play also internationally. It reached the career high point, when it changed after a half year to the Italian point club Lazio Rome. Its brand name is “17” which it nearly always as leotard number carries. Tare is player of many years of the Albanian national soccer team.


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