Ignaz Lachner

Ignaz Lachner (* 17. September 1807 in Rain at the Lech; † 25. February 1895 in Hanover) was a German composer and conductor.

Ignaz Lachner was born into a musical family. Its father Anton was organist, with him received he his first instruction as Violinspieler. Its brothers Franz and Vinzenz as well as its stepbrother Theodor were likewise composers.

After it as a six-year boy with applause had already arisen publicly found it at the age of 15 years at the Isartortheater in Munich an employment. 1826 it became organist at the reformed church Vienna, then orchestra member at the yard opera theatre, 1831 director of music in Stuttgart and soon thereafter in Munich. 1853 he became a Kapellmeister in Hamburg and 1861 Kapellmeister at the city theatre Frankfurt/Main, from which position he stepped 1875 into the retirement.

From its compositions particularly met with to alpine scenes ( for example the last Fensterln) the approval. In addition it wrote two operas, Sonaten, caper quartets and many songs.

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