Ignaz of fount

Ignaz von Born
Ignaz of fount

Ignaz of noble from fount (* 26. December 1742 in Karl castle, filter defiency guarantee; † 24. July 1791 in Vienna) was a Mineraloge, a geologist and a prominent head of the Viennese Illuminaten.

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Ignaz of fount studied geology in Prague jurisprudence, then and became here 1770 assessors in the Münz and office for mountain master. it went to 1776 to Vienna and katagolisierte 1778 in the material assets cabinet the shells and snails. Subsequently, it was adjusted with the yard chamber, accomplished important improvements in the mining industry and developed a new Amalgamierungsmethode to the separation from silver and gold from ores.

Fount became under the pseudonym „Furius Camillus “member of the Viennese Freimaurerloge the true unity, which had become the storage tank of the Viennese Illuminaten. There it beside Joseph of sun rock and Otto von Gemmingen took a prominent role.

Also Mozart was member of this Loge and its successor for again-crowned hope. To 30. September 1791 uraufgeführte opera the magic flute should be understood as allegorische and popular representation of the aufklärerischen ideals of the Illuminaten. Mozart dear savingist Emanuel Schikaneder was 1788 member of the rain citizens Loge the growing to the three keys. Ignaz of fount was thereby the model for the ways Sarastro.

1785 he withdrew under protest from the residents of Munich Academy of Sciences, after in Bavaria of the Illuminatenorden under Adam pointing head had been forbidden. When the Viennese Loge had been interspersed strengthened of feeler gauges and pushed on the part of the state increased to the illegal work, fount put to 12. September 1786 its offices down and the Loge dissolved finally. Many members remained however further in the underground active, as the Inquisitionsprotokolle occupies from the years 1795 and 1796. Fount had tightened itself with a pit misfortune a heavy chronic illness, which forced it to the income of strong pain-satisfying means and which again by poisoning could have caused a creeping death.

The mineral boron rivet became approx. 1845 after Ignaz designated by fount.

Further persons in the periphery from fount were: Aloys Blumauer, Johann Baptist of Alxinger, Joseph Franz Ratschky, God-dear Leon, Joseph of Retzer, Tobias Gebler, Johann Pezzl, Carl Leonhard Reinhold.


of works to the mineralogy and geology (chronological)

  • Lythophylacium Bornianum (1772, 1775)
  • index rerum naturalium Musei Caes. Vindobonensis (1778-1780)
  • over the Anquicken gold and silver-containing ores, Rohsteine, Schwarzkupfer and hut foods (1786)
  • mining engineering (1789-1790, together with Friedrich William Heinrich of Trebra)
  • Catalogue de la collection fossil de Madem. de Raab (1790)

aliases of works (chronological)

  • the Staatsperücke (1771)
  • Monachologia and/or. Newest natural history of the Mönchtums (1783 and/or. 1784)
  • Ignaz Loyola Kuttenpeit (1784)


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