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Karte der USA, Illinois hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: Prairie state
(Prairie State); Country OF Lincoln
capital: Springfield
largest city: Chicago
rank (withinthe USA): 25
altogether: 149,998 km ²
country: 143,968 km ²
water (%): 6,030 km ² (4.02%)
rank (within the USA): 5
altogether (2004): 12.713.634
density: 85 E./km ²
member state
place: 21
since: 3. December 1818
time belt: Cent ral: UTC-6/-5
degree of latitude: 36°58'N to 42°30'N
degree of longitude: 87°30'W to 91°30'W
broad: 340 km
length: 630 km
highest situation: 376 m
average situation: 182 m
deepest situation: 85 m
governor: Rod Blagojevich
postal: IL
ISO 3166-2: US-IL

Illinois [ˌɪlɪˈnɔɪ] is an US-American Federal State. It lies in the middle west and borders in the northeast on the Michigan lake. The name comes from the Algonkin and the French and designates thatPeople of the Illiniwek, which inhabited in former times the country. Among other things the town with millions of inhabitants Chicago is in Illinois. The postal abbreviation is IL.

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Illinois is a prairie state of the USA. The Mississippi River forms the border in the west to the States of Iowa (in the northwest) and Missouri (in the southwest). In the southeast Ohio River transfers this role to the State of Kentucky. North of IllinoisWisconsin is and in the east Indiana. The state of the rivers Illinois River and Kaskaskia River, which flow into the Mississippi, as well as Embarras River and Sangamon River is flowed through, in the Wabash and/or. Illinois River flow.In the northeast the state has a common border with Michigan in the center of the Michigan lake. Highest point in Illinois is the Charles Mound in the Jo Daviess County (376 m). The deepest point (85 m) is with Cairo, where Mississippiand Ohio flow together.

With its flat terrain Illinois is coined/shaped strongly by the square measurement of the Congressional Survey of system. The exceptions in the road process and field borders to the regular north south and east west sample form the railways, and parallel to them the runningFreeways. Chicago, at the south point of the Michigan lake, forms here a turntable for the Eisenbahnnetz, but there are also tangential connections to this spoke system (e.g. Cairo Galena or pc. Louis Indianapolis). The motorways I-24, I-39, I-55, I-57, I-64, I-70, I-72, I-74, I-80, I-88, I-90, I-94, I-155, I-255, I-270, I-280, I-290, I-294, I-355, and I-474 have their process in Illinois, and Chicago is the most important stationfor Amtrak between the two coasts. The suburbs from Chicago become also from rapid-transit railway - system, Metra, served, the only electrified route network west the Appalachen uses.


Karte Illinois
map Illinois

of 8. Century to in 13. Century was Illinois a part of the highly developed Mississippi culture, among other things with the settlement Cahokia. Today hill graves can become regarded here (and mounted), the UNESCO world cultural heritage are.

1673 came the Frenchmen Louis Joliet (Researchers) and Jacques Marquette (Jesuitenmissionar) in the country and were thus the all first Europeans. 1712 came the country to the French colony Louis IANA, but had France 1763 Illinois at Great Britain transfer. 1783, in the contract of Paris, that the war of independencethe USA terminated, fell the area to the USA, which integrated it 1787 in the northwest territory. Starting from 1800 part of the again created “Indiana Territory”, received Illinois 1809 its own territory. At the 3. December 1818 became Illinois as 21. Federal State into the unionthe USA taken up.

The first settlements were in the south, along the rivers Mississippi and Ohio. Kaskaskia (today a village with only 38 inhabitants, which is due to shifts in the course of the Mississippi now on the western bank) was the first capital. 1820, when the settlement of the state walked in front, became the Vandalia capital lain more central. 1837 were again northward shifted the capital, after Springfield, which is appropriate for only 18 miles west the geographical center of the Land of the Federal Republic. Inthis time the fruitful prairie soil within the middle and northern range of the State of (Wisconsin glacier phase) was settled, due to new developments in the drainage and plow technology. The won Black Hawk war carried likewise, together with the arrival of the railway, to a fastPropagation into the remaining Federal State.

1836 began the building of the Illinois Michigan channel, which connected the Mississippi river with the large lakes (and over the sinking Lorenz stream also with the Atlantic ocean). The Illinois cent ral Railroad received a Charter to 1851 fromFederal state parliament, which donated each second square mile on the left and on the right the planned route of the railway company, and from whose proceeds the capital for the building of the railway come should. It connected Cairo in the south with Galena and Chicago in the north. The twoBranch lines met with Centralia .

Abraham Lincoln was a firm lawyer for the railway, after it had been an electoral period for the Whig party before in the congress (1847-48). After a unsuccessful election campaign against Stephen A. Douglas around the senatorial seat of Illinois 1858, it won the choice briefly to the president before outbreak of the civil war. Its mother country, in which the slavery was forbidden already since establishment of the northwest territory 1787, remained faithful for the union.

In the second half 19. Century grew thoseCity Chicago of an insignificant commercial post (away Dearborn) to a industriellen giant, owing to their situation at the south point of the Michigan lake, where many railway lines came together. Between 1880 and 1890 the number of inhabitants of 500.000 doubled itself on one million. To 1. May 1886 took place here the Haymarket Riot and five years later in the Waggonfabrik of the Pullman - company a further well-known strike. 1892 became the city hostess for the Columbian world exhibition on the occasion of 400. Anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the island Hispaniola. In the first years 20. Century the mark was crossed by 2 million inhabitants, and 1929 reached few years before the economic crisis the city a total population of 3 million inhabitants. That were about 40% of the population of the entire Federal State.


Illinois has 12.653.544 inhabitants (conditions: 2003), of it 67.8% white (under it, 19.6% with Germans and 12.2% with Irish ancestors), 15.1% blackand Afro American, 12.3% Hispanics, 3.4% Asian, 0.2% Indian (approx. 20.000). Into the 1980er years came a large wave immigrant predominantly from Asia and Latin America into the country. In Chicago lives a polnischstämmige minority, those approx. Corresponds to 950,000 inhabitants.

There are approximately 4.591.779 households in Illinois 2002.

The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounted to 2002: 30,075 US Dollar.

largest cities

of cities, which form the core of a dye, are fat characterized. Other cities belong to the Metropolregion Chicago, except normal, to(clearly smaller) Metropolregion Bloomington belongs.

City County inhabitant
of 1.4.2000
Chicago Cook 2.896.016 2.862.244
skirt Fords Winnebago 150,115 152,452
Aurora Kane 142,990 166,614
Naperville DuPage 128,358 140,106
Peoria Peoria 112,936 112,720
Springfield Sangamon 111,454 114,738
Joliet wants 106,221 129,519
Elgin Kane 94,487 97,761
Waukegan Lake 87,901 91,602
Cicero Cook 85,616 83,102
Decatur Macon 81,860 78,751
Arlington Heights Cook 76,031 75,181
foam castle Cook 75,386 73,346
Evanston Cook 74,239 74,811
Champaign Champaign 67,518 70,306
Palatine Cook 65,479 66,401
Bloomington McLean 64,808 69.282
Skokie Cook 63,348 63,965
of the Plaines Cook 58,720 56,229
Bolingbrook wants 56,321 66,206
Mount Prospect Cook 56,265 55,028
Wheaton DuPage 55,416 54,979
Oak Lawn Cook 55,245 54,257
Berwyn Cook 54,016 52,000
Oak park Cook 52,524 50,993
Orland park Cook 51.077 Economics
Illinois very fruitful soils ,
those has 54,781 Hoffman Estates
Cook 49,495 49,823 Downers Grove
DuPage 48,724 49,302 Tinley
of the cities in Illinois


of the Countys in Illinois [work on]predominantly the Soja - and cultivation of corn (corn belt) to be dedicated. Besides other products become, like z. B. Wheat, Sorghum or fruit cultivated. In the south of the country there are occurrences of coal (rather soft brown coal with little bitumen), as well assmaller reserves of natural gas and oil.

Apart from agriculture also the industry plays a large role in the economy of Illinois. Emphasis of the industriellen economics of the state is naturally Chicago. This has the poet Carl Sandburg in itsPoem “Chicago” perpetuates: “Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker OF Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight dealer; To Stormy, husky, brawling, town center OF the bend Shoulders ". Due to the favorable traffic conditions, where many railway routes at the south point of theMichigan lake meet, developed here a large battle and food processing industry. The water way binding from here at the Mississippi and the pc. - Lorenz sea route carry also to the role as handels (Chicago board OF trade with raw materials and option dealings, as well as seat of several retail trade companieslike z. B.Sears and banks such as z. B. Bank One) and traffic junction. In the south of the city (at the border to Indiana with Gary), the iron and steel industry determines the economic emphasis.

Also in the smaller centersthe country is there industry. This is mostly closely connected with the agriculture, like z. B. Building of agricultural machineries (John Deere has their seat in Moline and Caterpillar in Peoria) as well as agrarian industry (Archer Daniels avoiding country and A. E. Staley in Decatur manufacture Sojaöl and Maissirop ). The economic portion of administration (in the state capital Springfield), insurance (in Bloomington) and information technology (in the university town Champaign) increases with the increasing meaning of the service sectors.

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