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in the term illusion puts the older and today uncommon verb „illudieren “(of lat.: ludere play): its play with someone drive, it scoff, a law go around.

An illusion designates generally linguistic usage a hallucination caused with technical means. Illusionists showhumans apparent impossible, as for example a picture or a diagram is perspectively inconsistently drawn and so that a closed system is apparently open. Famous illusionists is David Copperfield (charm art) and Maurits Cornelis E (optical deception).

In the everyday life one speaks ofan illusion as a “beautiful light”: “Someone makes itself illusions”, “someone lives in the illusion”…

In the psychiatry illusion is synonymous to misjudging (so-called illusionary misjudging). With it one means a hallucination, (contrary to the hallucination) with a disturbed perception of material objectsaccompanies: here articles are reinterpreted (z. B. in appears material - dog as a who wolf or object characteristics appears alienated). Illusions can appear to v. as symptom with all kinds of the Psychose. A. but with organic Psychosen (z. B. in the context of an alcoholic poisoning or a brain injury), in addition,with Migräne, as epileptische aura or during fatigue.

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