Ilse Decho

Ilse Decho (* 9. December 1919 in Leipzig, † 16. January 1978) was a German glass and Porzellangestalterin.

Decho completed commercial training, visited the evening institute of the academy for graphic arts and book trades and studied 1947 to 1949 at the college of arts and crafts Leipzig. Afterwards it lived to 1966 as free lance Kunsthandwerkerin and Formgestalterin in Leipzig. Afterwards it informed up to the retirement 1975 as Dozentin for glass organization, late Professorin at the university for industrielle styling castle Giebichenstein in resounds (Saale).

Dechos work covers among other things Cook and roasting devices as well as Teeservice from Jenaer glass (1962 - 63), feeding, coffee and Mokkaservice from porcelain “Daphne” and Julius” (1963) and the Mokkaservice “Atlas” (1973). Besides it created objects of the free glass organization.


  • catalog: “Ilse Decho. Glass and porcelain. Leipzig grass SI museum ", resounds to 1985


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