of these articles treats the image in socio-scientific view. For the term of the data medium image from the EDP, see image (computer science).

The term image (English. image [ˈɪmɪdʒ] = „picture “) designates generally the internal picture, which makes itself a person of a reference object, includingthe associations and emotions attached to this picture and including the reputation or call resulting from it. Reference objects are for instance persons (z. B. Politician, star), a person's group (z. B. Soccer association), an institutional organization (company, authority) or a city or a place.

It can by own orif conveyed stranger information or perceptions comes and is subject to dynamics, can change thus fast.

There of the image further attitudes and (purchase) actions depend, are it very favourable to measure the image. In addition one avails oneself in the image analysis on the one hand of the measurement of theAdmitting heating degree, on the other hand the measurement of the popularity.

After the analysis measures can be seized to improve the image.

The reputation seeks oneself one particularly on a positive emotion - and sympathy level to provide.

In addition one often avails oneself of a aufwändigen image care. Image campaigns, compiles ofImage consulting firms, avail themselves in particular of the advertisement. There are itself nevertheless again and again objects, (nearly) without commercial advertisement the image, if not even a cult - status acquired.

The image is a purposeful painting conveying a special atmosphere, the fewer product which can be consumed or the presented personinto the foreground places. Rather a positive feeling connecting with it associates itself such as joy of life, Vitalität or young personness, Coolness etc. and in such a way its goal reaches in sublime way.

In the market study the image is called the whole of the attitudes in relation to an opinion article. Attitudes orderover cognitive, affektive and konative components. This separation of knowledge, importance and action tendency permits the measurement of images by questionings.

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to foreign image

a foreign image is an image, humans over somethinghave, in which they are not directly concerned involved or by that them not. It is usually raised in the context of an image analysis.


an image that humans have over a city, in that it however it does not live or usedhas, is a foreign image.

self image

a self image is an image of humans over a thing, by which they are directly affected. It is usually raised in the context of an image analysis.


the image, that the inhabitants of a city over, is that has their own residence so-called. Self image.

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