Immanuel Bekker

Immanuel Bekker (* 21. May 1785 in Berlin as August Emanuel Bekker; † 7. June 1871 ebd.) was a German Altphilologe.

It studied wolf in resounds with Friedrich August and is considered as its most important pupils. To recommendation of wolf it was appointed 1810 to the again created University of Berlin and 1815 member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Bekker was considered as languagewell-informed, but word-meagerly (Friedrich Schleiermacher: „Bekker is silent in seven languages “). On partial journeys of several years to Paris, Italy and Great Britain he saw Greek handwriting for preparation of critical editions .

Bekkers meaning is appropriate particularly in the edition of the first modern Aristoteles - for total expenditure. With the indication of the Bekker side after this also today still one quotes. Besides it published critical editions of numerous further more antique (almost exclusively Greek) and more medievally, above all Byzantine writer (altogether about 140 volumes), in 19. , In particular the expenditures Platons and Homers applied for century as modelful.


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