Imogen gets

Imogen gets (* 12. April 1907 in smelling moon upon Thames (Surrey); † 9. March 1984 in Aldeburgh) was an English music authoress, Komponistin and a Dirigentin.

Was the daughter of the composer gets Gustav gets. It went at sp Paul'sGirls' School in Hammersmith to the school and studied college OF music in London at the Royal. 1941 - 44, during the Second World War, it worked as Organisatorin at the Council for the Encouragement OF music and the kind, 1943 - 51 as musicalTo chief with kind the Centre in Dartington resound.

1952 went get as a woman employee from Benjamin Britten to Aldeburgh and became 1956 artistic chief of the there festival. 1953 created it the Purcell Singers and were to 1967 their Dirigentin. Under its writings became above allthe biography of their father admits, its further books is concerned with medieval music, of people -, Renaissance - and baroque music. It composed also, mainly for singing and for caper instruments, and arranged Volkslieder.

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