improvisation (v. ital.: improvviso unexpectedly, out lat.: in (turns around the sense of the attached word); proviso foresee) meant, something without preparation, of the bar hoar frost or ad hoc or make. Improvisation generally linguistic usage means the spontaneouspractical use from creativity to the solution of arising problems. Improvisation is considered as a over life strategy in the DO it yourself - motion.

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improvisation in the maintenance

the ability for improvisation is an important condition for the work as a maintenance artist or approximately as television moderator, since a presentation becomes only alive if one can react to the respective situation. Onewell-known size in this area is about Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, it succeeded its television shows around hours to partly cover, without boring its public.

The Mülheimer jazz musician Helge cutter became by Bühnenshows admits, in which it improvised stories andSongs speaks. Free association and improvisation is the most important element of its work.

to improvisation in the music

see major items: Improvisation (music).

improvisation in the dance

under the influence of the improvisation in the music, e.g. throughJohn Cage, developed for at the beginning of the 1970er years the dance form Contact improvisation. In the Contact improvisation without firm forming and without foreseeable movements one dances. The physical reflexes play therefore a special role.

improvisation in the theatre

itexist some spielerische forms of the improvisation in the theatre or in the play.

Two examples are with the theatre haven or the “Marathon”. Here two actors begin to represent an action or an activity which occurs to them straight for the moment, as toExample swim or fence. Now the watching actors have to applaud the possibility, in order to interrupt the happening. That, which applauded, changes into the scene and another leaves it. The new actor improvises now another action, upthose its partner to enter must. The Marathon is a very good exercise to suspend over different roles and is suitable to a certain extent as schauspielerische warming up exercise.

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