Indian ocean

the Indian ocean deep up to 8.047 m and/or. Indik (called on Indonesian maps also Indonesian ocean) is with 74.9 million km ² surface the third biggest ocean of the earth.

Karte des Indischen Ozeans
Map of the Indian ocean

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bottom of the sea

topographic bathymetrische map

within the Indiks and/or. on its bottom of the sea is more highly and quite more elongated Midocean back, many lower thresholds, deep sea basins, deep sea gutters and different sea lows.

To the midocean backs belongs the centralIndian back, which pulls itself approximately in the center of the Indiks from north to south by the ocean. To that To 7,455 m deep the Sundagraben belongs to deep sea gutters, to the sea lows belongs the Diamantinatief, which is with 8.047 m under NN deepest place of the Indiks.


to the Nebenmeeren of the Indiks belong the Andamanensee, the Arab sea, the gulf of Bengalen, the large Australian bay, the gulf of Aden, the gulf of Oman, the channel of Mozambique, Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the roadof Malakka.


islands in the Indik are:

ports at the Indian ocean

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Earthquakes in the Indian ocean

Epizentrum of the quake

major item: Earthquake in the Indian ocean 2004

devastating effects had an earthquake in the Indian ocean, itself to 26. December 2004 occurred. It had the order of magnitude of 9,0 on the judge scale. That Epizentrum lay in the sea, close of the northwest point of Sumatra. The enormous Tsunamis released by the quake caused more than 300,000 deaths. Countries mainly concerned are Indonesia, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka. The waves reached however evenstill Somalia removed 4,500 km.


  • Peter teach: Region Indian ocean - illusion or reality? To Heidelberg, 2004

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coordinates: 22° S. Break, 76° o. L.


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