the industry (lat. industria - activity, diligence) is with the largest industry in the German linguistic area. Here the commercial processing of materials, whose original form is unsuitable to the satisfaction of requirements, takes place to production or Consumer goods. However is in the linguistic usage in the meantime the exact demarcation blurred. Probably due to frequent false translations of the English wrong friend „industry “(on German: „Industry “) ever to the industry industries „industry “, more frequently also not belonging, are called, for instance toService industries „tourism industry belonging to “or „the music industry “(English. „music industry “, actually „music industry “).

Industry is

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industrial companies

one differentiates between four kinds of industrial companies:

  • Basic industry
  • Produktionsgüterindustrie
  • industry producing capital goods
  • consumer goods industry

of branches of industry

Industrielle manufacturing happens world-wide in different branches of industry. After that standard Industrial Classification ( ISIC) of the UN industrial companies become international more directly orsimilar production directions arranged according to branches of industry as follows:

further branches of industry

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