Industrial minute

in time registration systems of the industry performed working hours are frequently decimally stored , thus instead of 8 hours 45 minutes of 8.75 h. This facilitates the addition of work times. In this connection occasionally the term is used industrial minute, which hundredth designates an hour. A hundredth of it again is the industrial second.

It applies thus

  • 8 hour 45 minute = for 8.75 h = 875 industrial minutes = 87500 industrial seconds

of work times on the industrial minute is usually rounded, so that storing can take place as integral industrial minutes.

One would like one time and/or. Time interval in normal representation into the industrial representation convert, applies:

  • Ih = Std + Min/60 + Sek/3600


the conversion of 8 Std 45 min or 8:45 leads 45/60 with this

  • formula Ih = 8 +

to a value of 8,75 industrial hours.

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