an informant is not a person, who passes its special knowledge on to others, but is due to the informant activity and information passing on ambivalence to a Whistleblower (“Skandalaufdecker”). Within many ranges informant is used neutrally, in that politics is rather negatively occupied he.

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an informant carry third - usually against money - determined (serving) achievements or privileges and/or information too. These information usually represents Insiderwissen, which itself the informant by itssocial handling acquired and for outstanding ones not or is only with difficulty accessible.

Contrary to a feeler gauge an informant is not a “paid coworker” of that, which would like to have the information. It remains independent of its client and uses its Insiderwissen rather around itself a small“Zubrot” to earn or around itself other advantages secure or it passes its information on even from idealism .

The return for the information is usually specified and/or negotiated individually by the informant. The “value “, which the informant the information measures out, can therebydepend on many factors. The factors, those probably the largest role here play are urgency and explosiveness. Like that particularly urgently needed information will be also particularly expensive. Likewise information, whose relinquishment represents a high risk for the informant.

In the circles, from those the informantits Insiderwissen has and after “outside” carries, it as traitor and/or an informer is designated.

police and secret services

informant are here someone, that in an individual case - entgeltlich or free - police or secret service with Insiderinformationen over criminal offences, political extremism or other one forthe appropriate authority interesting information supplies. If the informant becomes regularly active, one calls it “V-man “.

By the public prosecutor's office or police privacy is assured to the informant, the public prosecutor's office does not know usually the identity of the Informaten. It may only taken upbecome, if the clearing-up were otherwise offering no prospects or substantially difficult. The privacy may be only assured, if from becoming known its activity for the prosecution authorities substantial disadvantages result to the Informaten or it is substantially endangered.


an informant within the journalistic range resemblesthe political informant. It is for the journalist a source of information in a range, within which the journalist can investigate only with difficulty. There, have they serve the journalist contrary to the politician informant not for personal power extension, but (ideal-proves) for the clearing-up of the publicnot only no negative image, but press laws of different countries guarantees them the protection of its anonymity ( the informant protection). that is called the journalist can in relation to the police and the court refuse to abandon the identity of the informant.


an informant (also guarantee person called) is as speakers of a language or a dialect source for linguistic research and realizations. Usually an informant is native speaker of the appropriate language or the appropriate dialect. For the own native language linguists are often their own informants. Information is seized verbally or in writing or with tapes oron film or video noted. The assistance of numerous informants made the development possible of the language Atlas.

Even for more general research informants are a valuable assistance. Thus a member of the Hopi , (an Indian trunk) helped, Benjamin Whorf as an informant with its Sprachforschungen. The investigation of the language thatHopi was one of the bases for the advancement of the Sapir Whorf hypothesis.

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