Information and communication technology

under information and communication technology (IKT, also IuK technology, IuK technology or English. information and communications technology, ABC ICT) technologies within the range of the information and communication are summarized.

The recapitulatory term developed for at the beginning of the eighties, when one began, thoseTelephone networks to digitize, and both in the digital terminals of the nets, and in the local and public transmission networks themselves information technology was used. Services such as teletex and interactive videotext and dedicated data networks such as DATEX l and/or, DATEX p developed at this time. The conception developed,the fact that the originally completely different branches of industry information technology on the one hand, which mainly with large and office computers was concerned at that time and communicationses on the other hand, which mainly with the telephone network was concerned would grow together, and a new large industrial complex to form. In the German Verbandswesen the groupings, those became corresponding the branches of industryrepresent, folded up and renamed.

It developed a rapidly growing diversification within both ranges, whose end is not to be foreseen yet. The fundamental technologies seized however not only these ranges, but also an abundance of further industries from the automotive engineering to the domestic appliance engineering to onestill increasing product variety led.

The term is particularly used therefore in the political agenda, in the management and in the named-giving industries hardly more.

See also: Informatization, information society


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