Storage medium

storage medium strictly speaking is everything that from organisms to Transmission or storage by information to be used can. In communication one speaks of storage media. So one can use for example several small stones for counting.

Storage medium in the furtherSense are things, which give information only over itself. In addition for example stones at the beach count.

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Von Menschen genutzte Informationsträger

Von Menschen nutzbare Information steckt in der Sprache, in der Schrift, in Büchern, auf Magnetbändern, auf Disketten, auf CDs und DVDs,in newspapers, in the broadcast, on the television, in painted pictures, in photos, in road signs, in the color, in the form, in the temperature, in Face expression, in that telephone line, in radio traffic, in Hereditary property, in the nerve stream, in the taste, in the smell and in vielem other one.

which can serve as storage mediums?

Many physical systems (acoustic waves, electromagnetic waves, subject structure, material concentrations) can carry information.

One can differentiate storage mediums in“volatile” (for example radio waves) or durable (see permanent memory medium).

Information gives it only in systems, which can take several possible conditions.

is information in a stone?

Also a stone can carry information: in its origin, in its chemicalComposition, in size of, weight, temperature, in form, surface, color etc. Also its situation for example in a brook bed can be information, over geological procedures of the past.

where one finds no information obvious?

Complete absence of information can actually only in the condition of total disorder or order (maximum or minimum entropy) develop. If everything is homogeneous, also no differences can be noticed.

In the vacuum, i.e. in the vacuum, no information is to be found, those on airwhen carrier is based (for example sound, temperature). But in the outside form, which limits the vacuum, already is information. Also physical fields can through-cross a vacuum. In these fields is then potential information. In general relativity theory the empty can Area (thus the vacuum) curved its, and therefore also without material contents of information contain (for example in the form of gravitation waves).

Seen by the side of the information receiver, one finds no information, where one cannot notice the storage medium.

However can the absence of information information represent. For example the fact that a cavity is evacuated, can contain the information that the vaccum pump functioned (otherwise the cavity would be still filled with air).

information without storage mediumsthere is

a central dogma of the communication theory does not read: Information without storage mediums does not give it. This dogma is regarded of most scientists as valid, is however so far neither proven nor disproved.

Information is thus, contrary to subject and Energy, according to usual scientific majority opinion no independent substance, but rather a characteristic of the two basic substances material (subject) and radiation (energy).

An open question is also whether the storage mediums themselves are a part of the information or whether the information thatBecome “impressed to carriers”. This question seems however rather sophistisch and practically less important.


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