Inge de Bruijn

Inge de Bruijn (* 24. August 1973 in bar final right) is a Netherlands swimmer and a quadruple Olympiasiegerin.

De Bruijn tried itself out in several kinds of sport, before she concentrated on a career as an achievement swimmer. Their international debut gave it with the swimming European championships 1991 in Athens, when it won the gold medal with the Netherlands 4 x 100 m-Freistilstaffel. With in the same year the swimming world championships delivered in Fukuoka it won with the Netherlands relay bronze.

In the year after de Bruijn in Barcelona began for the first time with the olympic plays . Over 100 m-freestyle and with the 4 x 100 m-Freistilstaffel achieved it the 8 in each case. Place. In the following years she suffered strongly from motivation weaknesses. She did without a participation in the olympic plays 1996.

This decision repented it however so strongly that it decided itself to move into the USA in order to train there. This resolution was recompenced 1999 with the title over 50 m-freestyle with the swimming European championships in Istanbul.

After de Bruijn swam 2000 in the apron of the olympic plays several world records, she began in Sydney as Topfavoritin. It did justice to this role and became over 50 and 100 m-freestyle, where it in each case overpowered Therese Alshammar from Sweden and to rank 2 referred, as well as over 100 m-butterfly Olympiasiegerin. Additionally it won the silver medal with the Netherlands 4 x 100 m-Freistilstaffel.

Their achievement could confirm it 2001 with the swimming world championships in Fukuoka. There it won the title over 50 m-freestyle, 100 m-freestyle and over 50 m-butterfly. De Bruijn over 50 m-butterfly their fourth world champion title secured itself two years later in Barcelona. In its homeland de Bruijn was selected 2001 to the Sportlerin of the yearly. At the olympic plays in Athens it was able to intersperse 2004 again over 50 meters of Crawl, however over 100 meters of Crawl by the Australian Jodie Henry defeated herself and had with rank 2 struck to give oneself.

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