Inge-borrow brook man

Inge-borrow brook man (* 25. June 1926 in complaint ford, Austria; † 17. October 1973 in Rome) is an important Austrian authoress 20. Century. Inge-borrows brook man partly used the alias Ruth cellar. It is the first child of Olga(geb. Haas) and Mathias brook man.

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Inge-borrow brook man spent its childhood and youth in Kärnten. In the postwar years (1945 to 1950) it studied philosophy, psychology and Germanistik to thatUniversities of Innsbruck, Graz and Vienna. It terminated the study with the graduation to the Dr. phil. with a work over or many more counter Martin Heidegger. You „doctor father” were the last philosopher teaching in Vienna - from Vienna refugee - Viennese of circle, the philosopher and science theoretician Victor Kraft (1890-1975). During its academic years she became acquainted with Paul Celan, Ilse Aichinger and Klaus Demus .

In its time as radio talking document urine with the Viennese transmitter “red-white-red” wrote it to 1952 their first radio play: “A business with dreams”. Brieflywhereupon it could celebrate their literary break-through with a reading of the left “group 47 “. Starting from this time it was considered as a literature star. Draesner called it the “first medium authoress” in the German linguistic area.

Inge-borrow brook man received in the year 1953 the literary award of the group 47 for thatPoem volume “the deferred time”.

In co-operation with the composer Hans Werner Henze the radio play “the cicadas” developed, the text version for the Ballettpantomime “the idiot” (both 1955) and 1960 the text version for the opera “the prince of Homburg “.
1956 published brook man the poem volume“Calling of the large bear”, in the year after kept it of Bremen the literary award and became Dramaturgin with the Bavarian television.

From 1958 to 1963 Inge-borrows brook man led a relationship with the author max freshness; 1958 developed the radio play “the good God of Manhattan”, the 1959with the important radio play price of the war-blind one distinguished.

1961 published brook man partial auto+biographic telling volume with the title “the thirtieth year”. These volumes with the citizen of Berlin critic price was honored.
1964 received it the George book he price. One year later published brook man the essay “the divided city”.

The Republic of Austria lent their the large Austrian state price for literature to 1968. 1971 wrote it the novel “Malina “, the 1. Volume of the unfinished Romantrilogie “kinds of death”. It was filmed 1991 successfully with Isabelle Huppert, Mathieu Carrière and CAN Togay. The volumes 2(The case Franza) and 3 (Requiem for Fanny Goldmann) remained fragment. In the year after that appeared telling volume “simultaneous”, which was distinguished with the Anton Wildgans price.

At the night of 25. on the 26. September suffers Inge-borrows to brook man in their Roman dwelling by a fire accident heavy injuries,at their consequences it to 17. October dies. Them become to 25. Octobers on the cemetery Klagenfurt Annabichl bury.

Annually a literature competition takes place in its birth city, whose main price was designated after it (Inge borrowing brook man price).


  • the deferred time (Lyrikband, 1953)
  • callingthe large bear (Lyrikband, 1956)
  • radio plays: A business with dreams (1952), the cicadas (1955), the good God of Manhattan (1958)
  • Libretti to operas of Hans's Werner Henze: “The prince of Homburg” (1960), “the young lord” (1965)
  • the thirtieth year (narration volume, 1961)
  • Malina (1971)
  • simultaneous(Narration volume, 1972)


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  • Roman reports - a Wiederentdeckung (1998), Hg. Jörg Dieter Kogel
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secondary literature

  • Hans Höller: Inge-borrow brook man. - Reinbek: Rowohlt 1999. - (RowohltsMonographien) - ISBN 3-499-50545-2
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