Inge-borrow Hunzinger

Inge-borrow Hunzinger, born Franck (* 3. February 1915 in Berlin) is a German sculptress.

Hunzingers nut/mother was Jewess, her occurred 1932 the communist party. It began nevertheless 1935 a study at the university for free and applied art. 1938/1939 were it master pupil of Ludwig Kasper. The realm culture chamber forbade its 1939 the study and it emigrierte to Italy. 1942 returned it to Berlin, without taking up however their work again. It led an unidentified private life in Berlin, married and bore two children. After the war the Kriegerwitwe married a second time and began in east Berlin again with the art study. From 1951 to 1953 she was then master pupil of Fritz Cremer and Gustav Seitz. Since 1953 she worked in Berlin as a free lance artist.

Hunzinger works until today in its studio in Rahnsdorf. She is the granddaughter of the painter Philipp Franck and the grandmother of the authoress Julia Franck.

acquaintance of works

1915 in Berlin born. 1935 entrance into the communist student federation, 1935-1936 study at the university of the arts, 1936-1938 theory as Steinbildhauerin in peppering castle, 1938-1939 pupil with Ludwig Kasper in the studio community in the monastery route, 1939-1945 professional disqualification by the realm culture chamber, 1939 emigration to Italy, 1942 return to Germany to the Black Forest, together with the life companion Helmut Ruhmer, whom she could not marry as a Jewess. Here in the Hotzenwald their two common children were born. 1945 fell Helmut Ruhmer at the east front and Inge-borrow Franck returned 1949 to east Berlin. Marriage with Adolf Hunzinger and 1950 birth of the third Kindes.1950-1951 female assistant at the university in Berlin white lake, 1952-1954 master pupil with Fritz Cremer and Gustav Seitz, since 1954 free lance artist in Berlin. Over 20 sculptor work in the public area gives it in Berlin and again so many from the Elbsandsteingebirge to to the Baltic Sea. Christel Wollmann fiddler, 13. May 2005

the book Inge-borrow to Hunzinger - the sculptress of Christel Wollmann fiddler with texts and photos appeared in January 2005 to 90. Birthday of the sculptress in the HP Nacke publishing house Wuppertal, ISBN 3-980 8059-6-4, 18 euro plus euro 1.40 dispatch or

  • the earth
  • block of the Mrs. (sculpture in the citizens of Berlin rose road for the memory of the women of the rose road)
  • the dream (in the hotel Alexander Plaza)
  • Mühsal, meditation, departure (three sandstone plastics in the ramp to the lock Gadow)


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