engineer (ABC: Engineer) is the job title for college graduates of the engineering sciences. The term decreases/goes back on Sebastien le Pestre de Vauban , the master of building of fortresses (boss you genius) of Ludwig XIV., and from latin title is derived “ingeniarius” (masters of building of fortresses), thatalso Leonardo da Vinci carried. Since that 19. Century changed in the English one the job title of the “Engineers” from the machinist (machine operator) to the university graduate with high responsibility, specialized knowledge and creativity. The range of the engineer services acquaintance engineer-scientific develops at present

just as dynamicallyFields are:

of engineers are in nearlyall ranges of the economy actively. The occupation possibilities in the enterprises are predominantly the ranges consultation, development, planning, manufacturing, measurement (chemical and physical investigations), appraisal production, programming, prototyping (product development) selling, marketing, control (Production, process) construction, technical documentation, Controlling and in the management. In addition engineers work as independent entrepreneurs, as employees in engineer's offices or at authorities.

Engineers draw by analytic intellectual capacity, good theoretical and application orientated expertise, connected with practice-orientedand on short term conversion considered proceedings out; in addition they have a far-strewn good general education.

The industry is based mainly on engineer-moderate conversion of technical knowledge, as for example telecommunications, the KFZ industry, the computer engineering, the power supply, etc.)

of engineersis the occupational group with the largest participation in inventions.

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the training as engineerand leading of the job title “engineer” is nationallegally regulated. Engineers are scientifically trained at universities and professional schools. The academic degree of a graduate reads accordingly engeneering graduate (FH) (Dipl. - engineer (FH)) and/or. at scientific universities engeneering graduate (Dipl. - engineer) or Engeneering graduate Univ. (Dipl. - engineer Univ.). After a successful graduation the far academic degree becomes a doctor engineer (Dr. - engineer) lent.

Graduates of nationally recognized vocational academies receive a national conclusion designation as Dipl. - to engineer (BA) and/or. Engineer (vocational academy).

Graduate of earlier schools of engineering and/or. of themPredecessor mechanisms can resume the before times lent national designation engineer (degree.) after nationallegal regulation or itself as national designation Dipl. - engineer call. At nationally recognized mountain academies or mountain schools trained operating leaders (mining industry) lead likewise the job title “engineer”.

The job title “engineer” is insince that time to the Federal Republic of Germany only since beginning of the 1970er years legally protected and only at graduates of appropriate mechanisms one lends. (And to be allowed also further) before also persons without an appropriate engineering education, but with relevant professional experience of many years were allowed the condition designation “engineer”lead.

Engineers are in the respective professional associations or also specializedspreading, for example in the association of German engineers (VDI), organized.

A “advisory engineer” must determined legally festgeschriebe defaults fulfill and into the list of “advisory engineers” of the chamber of engineers of its respective Land of the Federal Republic register themselves.The job title advisory engineer for a freelance active engineer is nationallegally protected.


in Austria is the designation engineer also a condition designation, which is lent by the Federal Ministry for economics and work.

A condition for this is the maturing andDiploma examination of a Austrian higher one technical institute or a higher one country and forest-economical institute, as well as a three-year relevant technical activity in the field of activity, where the maturing and diploma examination were taken. Without maturing and diploma examination, but with proven equivalent expertise, can the condition designation also after eight years practice to be lent. Comparably the “nationally examined technician” in Germany without maturity examination.

Additionally gives it in addition, diploma HTL engineer, the six years practice, as well as a thesis (diploma) and a commissional diploma examination placing must. ThisDesignation and the associated occupation-legal rights are recognized in the European Union (European union). The next stage places the graduate of the professional school with the academic degree “engeneering graduate Fachhochschule” (ABC Dipl. - engineer (FH)) . The additive “FH” is due to the specialized higher education lawto always lead.

Besides engineer with university conclusion exists in Austria. The graduates of the technical courses of studies (technical ones) of the universities the academic degree becomes engeneering graduate (ABC: Dipl. - engineer or) on master - level lent.


  • “I was the highestDirectors/conductors of each work and all workshops stood under my instruction. I was not largely powerful over all terms, always and had Unglücke. I was the custodian of all custodians and never erred. “ Grave inscription of an engineer, that with the building of pyramids in Egypt was involved.
  • “Engineer is nothing too heavily” after Heinrich Seidel
  • “the design is the language of engineer”
  • slogan of all air and space travel engineers: “The color gives stability to the airplane!
  • Slogan of all cyberneticists: “Wars we already regulated!


  • walter emperor, Wolfgang king (Hrsg.): History of engineer. An occupation in six millenia, Carl Hanser publishing house, Munich, Vienna, 2006

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