Ingo Friedrich

Dr. Ingo Friedrich (* 24. January 1942 in Kutno/Wartheland, today Poland) is a German politician (CSU) and deputy president of the European parliament.

personal record

Friedrich studied political economy and locked its study (1967) as a diploma political economist. After the graduation (1971) he worked first as leading employees in an international electrical enterprise in Stuttgart (1970 - 1980). Since 1979 Friedrich member of the European parliament is, since 1999 is it its vice-president.

Friedrich dresses a multiplicity at political offices: Regional chairman of the Evangelist working group EAK (since 1993), deputy CSU - party chairmen (since 1993), international vice-president of the Paneuropa union (since 1981), president of the European middle class forum (since 1990), member of the Kreistags Weissenburg Gunzenhausen (1972 - 1996).

As a member of the EP Friedrich had among other things the following offices: Delegation leader of the CSU in the EP (since 1992), presidency member of the European people's party EVP (since 1996), vice-president of the EP (since 1999).

Friedrich became with Bavarian earnings/service medal (1986) and the Order of Merit the 1. Class excellently. It is married with Britta Friedrich and has two children.

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