Ingrid Andree

Ingrid Andree (* 19. January 1931 in Hamburg as Ingrid Tilly Unverhau) is a German actress.

Ingrid Andree completed play training at the high school for music and theatre (or Staalichen university for music and representing art under Eduard Marks) in Hamburg and started its actor career as popular Jungmädchendarstellerin in the cinema of the 1950er years. Their first main role played it already 1951 in Primanerinnen of Rolf Thiele at the side of walter Giller and Erich Ponto. Their at the same time most fastidious like also most successful film in the 50ern was the Thomas's man - filming the confessions of the Hochstaplers Felix Krull 1957. It played the Zouzou, Liselotte powders the Zaza and refuge book wood Felix Krull.

In the meantime she began to collect also as a theatre actress experiences. For the television the married man of Inge Meysel , John Olden , the piece of stage view adapts 1958 back in the anger of John Osborne. It played the female main role beside refuge franc.

Their last large cinema successes were 1958 the humorous crime film Peter Voss, the million-thief with O. W. Fischer as Peter Voss and 1959 under the direction of Helmut Käutner “the remainder is silence”, one into the time after the 2.Weltkrieg transferred courageous Hamletadaption with Hardy Krüger and Peter van Eyck. Afterwards it concentrated particularly on the theatre. Also their television appearances into the 1960er years were above all Theateradaptionen. Since 1969 she is to be seen only rare on the television and plays excluding theatres. It was ensemble member at the Thalia theatre Hamburg, to the resident of Munich chamber plays and in the play Cologne. She worked on the theatre in her long career with directors such as Gustaf of creating gene, Rudolf Noelte, Fritz Kortner, Robert Wilson, Peter Zadek and Jürgen Flimm. 2005 are to be seen it at the looking stage at the Lehniner place in Berlin in the premiere of the piece of Eldorado of Marius from May castle to.

Besides it synchronized numerous fremdsprachige colleagues, among other things Olivia de Havilland (in their OSCAR premium ores role into the heiress), Jean Simmons (among other things into the village of the condemned ones, thorn birds or shade around Dominique) or Ingrid Thulin (the marriage cage). A broad public is their voice besides by the role of the princess Konstantia in the radio play series Hui Buh trusts.

Ingrid Andree was married from 1959 to 1965 with actors Hanns the Lothar and is the nut/mother of the actress Susanne Lothar. Their uncle was an actor Joachim Gottschalk.

Table of contents

Filmographie (excerpt)

  • 1951 Primanerinnen (direction: Rolf Thiele, with walter Giller, Christiane Jansen)
  • 1957 a piece of the sky with tonuses Sailer
  • 1957 the confessions Hochstapler Felix Krull with refuge book wood
  • 1958 Peter Voss, the million-thief with O. W. Fischer
  • 1959 the remainder is silence (Regie+Buch: Helmut Käutner, with Hardy Krüger, Peter van Eyck, Heinz Drache)

theatre roles (excerpt)

  • „Kabale and love “of Friedrich Schiller - role: Ferdinand - direction: Willi Schmidt
  • „Cäsar and Cleopatra “of William Shakespeare - Cleopatra - direction: Gustaf of creating gene
  • „the lock “after Franz Kafka - Frieda - direction: Rudolf Noelte
  • „Ms Julie “of August Strindberg - title part - direction: Fritz Kortner
  • „civil Wars “- age Fritz - direction: Robert Wilson
  • king Lear “of William Shakespeare - fool - direction: Jürgen Flimm
  • „Peer Gynt “of Henrik Ibsen - nut/mother - direction: Jürgen Flimm
  • „chairs “of Eugene Ionesco - weibl. Main role - direction: Jürgen Flimm
  • „Lulu “of franc Wedekind - title part - direction: Dieter Giesing
  • „Hedda Gabler “of Henrik Ibsen - title part - direction: Dieter Giesing
  • „uncle Wanja “of Anton P. Tschechow - Sonja - direction: Dieter Giesing
  • „Betrogen “of Harold Pinter - Emma - direction: Dieter Giesing
  • „who has fear of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee - weibl. Main role - direction: Günter shopkeeper
  • „Nora “of August Strindberg - title part - direction: Nicolas Brieger
  • „Maria Stuart “of Friedrich Schiller - Elizabeth - direction: Boy Gobert


  • Order of Merit
  • member of the academy of the representing arts, Frankfurt/Main

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