Inka Grings

Inka Grings (* 31. October 1978 in Duesseldorf) is a German Fussballnationalspielerin.

The Stürmerin plays in the woman soccer federal league for the FCR 2001 Duisburg. With Duisburg them became 1998 DFB Pokalsiegerin. In the national team it denied so far 60 international matches (39 gates).

In the year 1999 she was selected to the Fussballerin of the yearly.

2005 became it Europameisterin with the woman national team, after she had won already 2004 the bronze medal with the olympic plays.

With Duisburg them became 2000 German Meisterin, 1998 Pokalsiegerin and 1995 and 2000 Hallenmeisterin.

Outside of the football field it made by its relations with Martina Voss , Linda Bresonik and Holger subject headlines, terminated meanwhile.


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