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Tirol Karte (Innsbruck)
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Tirol
GROOVE - iii-region: AT332 INNSBRUCK
political district: Innsbruck (Statutarstadt)
court district: Innsbruck
surface: 104.91 km ²
inhabitant pole. District: 117.180 (Jänner 2006)
inhabitants city region: 165.000 (2006)
population density: 1,269 Einwohner/km ²
height: 574 m and. NN
deepest point: 565 m and. NN
(Inn with Ampass)
highest point: 2,641 m and. NN
(w. Praxmarerkarspitze)
postal zip codes: 6010 - 6080
preselection: 0512
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 16 ' N, 11° 23 ' O
47° 16 ' N, 11° 23 ' O
Kfz characteristics: I
municipality code number: 70101
arrangement city: 9 Katastralgemeinden
address city administration: Maria Theresien STR. 18
6020 Innsbruck
official web page:
E-Mail address:
Bürgermeisterin: Hilde Zach (for Innsbruck)
local council: 40 members:
16 for Innsbruck,
5 ÖVP, 5 SPÖ, the 5 Greens,
3 FPÖ,
2 social Innsbruck,
2 Rudi Federspiel,
1 animal oiler senior federation,
1 Karl brown

Innsbruckthe capital of the Land of the Federal Republic is Tirol of the Republic of Austria in the Inn valley at the alps - transit distance burner (auto and railway) to South Tyrol (Italy). The name leads itself from Inn and bridge (bridge over the Inn).

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the city is limited by the north chain of the Karwendelgebirges in the north and by the Vorbergen of the alpine central chain (Patscherkofel) in the south. West near Innsbruck (Kematen) the Inn valley separateswith the pre-aged March in wall in a western upper and an eastern Unterinntal.

to expansion of the city

to the city belong to point beside the cultivated valley soil still the part of the north chain of the small Solstein (2,637 m) up to the Rumer (2.454m) and lying behind of the Gleirschbach (into the Isar flows) durchflossene the Samertal with the Möslalm and a part of the Gleirsch Halltal chain (the 2,641 m high western Praxmarerkarspitze forms thereby the highest point of the city). This area is on drives onlyfrom Scharnitz attainable.

In the south the city expands over a part of the southeast low mountain range up to the slope of the Patscherkofels (2,246 m), however no longer belonged to.


in this list are indicated all waters,on the city of Innsbruck lie.

Supplies to the Inn

  • Sulzenbach (crane bitter clammy brook)
  • Geroldsbach (of Götzens)
  • Lohbach (continues to flow as pouring brook underground)
  • Höttinger brook
  • drop brook
  • Mühlauer brook
  • Sill
  • Viller brook (as continuation of the RAM brook)

in the Karwendel

  • Gleirschbach (flows intoHinterautal into the Isar)
    • meadow brook

other waters

neighbour municipalities

the city of Innsbruck borders directly on the following municipalities, which lie all in the district Innsbruck country:

Zirl Scharnitz Absam, Thaur, Rum
Völs Bild:Windrose_klein.png Ampass, Aldrans
Götzens, Natters, Mutters beautiful mountain in the Stubaital, Patsch Lans

city arrangement

Innsbruck is divided into nine Katastralgemeinden, which were formed from formerly independent municipalities or municipality parts. They have however no independent administration. The municipal lawthe organization of the Gemeindegebiets into urban districts permits Innsbruck 1975 to the state capital, of it however so far no use was made. For the village and spatially independent quarter Igls was created a quarter committee.

Innsbruck: View over the city direction the west.

The Katastralgemeinden is still into statistic districts divides, which partially also generally linguistic usage are used.

Following the Katastralgemeinden is indicated as a partitioning into further quarters:

Innsbruck: View over the city direction the north.


  • middle yearly precipitation: 875 mm
  • Annual average of the air temperature: 10,0 °C (Jänner -1,0; July 20.3)
  • middle relative air humidity: 74%
  • middle annual duration of sunshine: 1,835 h


historical map (around 1888)

settlement traces from the Innsbrucker city can be retraced into the Jungsteinzeit. VorrömiPlace names and urn field graves in Wilten, Amras, Hötting and Mühlau show that the Innsbrucker basin is settled for 3,000 years continuous.

In 4. Century the Romans put for the protection of the Roman realm road Verona - burners - to Augsburg the military stationVeldidena (Wilten) on, which is destroyed around 600 during the people migration.

In the place of the castellet Veldidena 1138 the Wilten are opened to pin, to which the whole area between Sill and Inn belongs. The Inn can only on one of Pin claimant ferry to be crossed, over which entire Italy traffic runs.

Count Berchtold V. the first Innbrücke lets establish, those the market town at the northern Innufer below Hötting around 1165 (the today's quarters pc. Nikolaus and Maria-help) with an areasouth the Innufers connects, which it acquires 1180 of the pin Wilten by a barter contract and mentioned on that that documentary for the first time 1187 and develops with market rights equipped “Insprucke”. Latin name of Innsbruck Oeni Pons or Oenipontum (of oenus Inn, ponsBridge) is to be attributed to it.

Between 1187 and 1205 the market receives the municipal law, which brings influence and wealth by customs returns, since the entire trade takes over the burner from now to its way by Innsbruck and over the Innbrücke.

The city seal and - coat of arms shows the Innbrücke in bird perspective and starting from 1267 is used.

By a further barter contract with the pin Wilten can be extended 1281 the city by the new city (today's Maria Theresien road approximately up to the Meranerstrasse).

The burner distance is already over fastens 1300 and to a large extent with cars passably, while the other alpine transitions, as the via Claudia Augusta remain accessible still longer time only with seam animals.

duke Friedrich IV. (Friedrich with the empty bag) Innsbruck makes 1420 to the Residenzstadt and let the summerhouses and the yard garden put on. The city tower (1442-50 to the 1358 build old person city hall cultivated), the yard castle (1456), the golden Dachl (1497/98 1500) and the petrol castle (1495) are built.

1485 finds on operation of the Inquisitorsand later author of the witch hammer, Heinrich Institoris of witch processes instead of, which are stopped because of heavy defects of proceedings in the same year.

around 1500 built old person arsenal is at its time one of the most important weapon camps of Europe. Innsbruck has at this timeabout 5,000 inhabitants. Schwarzmander for the tomb emperor Maximilians I. 1509-1550 are poured and 1553-1563 the yard church are established.

Put on by the Innauen 1585 a road of Mühlau after resound, which is gesäumt from way columns received this very day.

Asfirst firm opera and theatre house in the German linguistic area become 1629-30 of Leopold V. the Dogana establishes, in whose place today the congress house stands.

With ore duke victory mouth Franz becomes extinct 1665 the animal oilers line of the having citizens. That means the endInnsbruck as Residenzstadt, thus however the gothical townscape of the old part of town remains .

Emperor Leopold I. creates to 15. October 1669 the University of Innsbruck with four faculties. After it is twice dissolved and opened again, the philosophical one and those becomeJuridi faculty 1826 by emperors Franz I finally again-establishes.

Starting from 1858 the railway leads across Kufstein to Munich, 1867 across the burner after Bozen (burner course) and 1884 across the Arlberg (Arlbergbahn). In the consequence developsitself rapidly the tourism.

20. Century

since 1904 is Innsbruck connected with Fulpmes by the Stubaitalbahn, since 1912 with mixing part churches by the center forest course. Both courses were planned by Josef Riehl.

afterthe end of the First World War Innsbruck is occupied by Italian troops, which take off only 1924 again. The city does not suffer any damage by the troops.

During the Second World War Innsbruck 21 times of the allied ones is bombarded, to 16. December1944 thereby also the 1717-24 on Roman and gothical buildings of predecessors established Innsbrucker cathedral heavily damaged. With end of war Innsbruck is one of the few cities of Austria, which is handed over to the US troops combatless by groups of resistances.

After the end of the Second World War 1945belongs Innsbruck to the French zone of occupation in occupied postwar Austria. Of the military administration in the area of a former military camp a DP-camp furnished for up to Jewish Displaced so mentioned person.

In the course of the reconstruction starting from 1948 and by those New quarters develop for olympic plays like the Reichenau and the olympic village. Innsbruck is twice venue of the olympic winter plays (olympic winter plays 1964 and olympic winter plays 1976) and the winter paralympicses (1984 and 1988). Innsbruck is thereby the only city,into within 12 years two times olympic plays were delivered. Center of the 1990er years gave it to initiatives to bring the olympic winter plays a third time to Innsbruck 2006, after an opinion poll the initiatives became howeverfall calmly. All animal oilers of districts had expressed themselves for it, the inhabitants of Innsbruck however against it. While Douglas of Adam regards 1971 Innsbruck visited and lying in a field the starlit sky, it has the idea to the book by hitchhikers by the galaxy (Original title “The Hitchhiker's Guide ton of The Galaxy” (English)).

1973 are inaugurated the congress and concert hall, a meeting and fair center with international dimensions and animal oiler charm as well as at best situation to the historical old part of town. Client was the congress striking self-service eye ltd., planner thoseArchitect Marschalek, Ladstätter, Gantar, Prachensky, hot.

1974 the electrical after highway course adjusted resound. Of Innsbruck old mayor Alois Lugger repents this step later than the largest error in his term of office.

In the 1960er and 1970er years is the area around InnsbruckAction basis for many South Tyrol terrorists, who tried, to loose-separate and attach to Austria South Tyrol from Italy. In the consequence Innsbruck had also a US consulate, which at least in each case 15 persons busy. Secret service activities in the south animal oiler and northItalian area were after-said to the US consulate. SoUS secret services were involved into assassination attempts on South Tyrol terrorists and helped the Italian authorities to dig South Tyrol terrorists in Nordtirol.

After the development of the Innsbrucker of airport in the Höttinger outer one since 1980 regular flights are offered to Zurich and Vienna. Today it gives several timesdaily flights to Frankfurt/Main, Vienna, London, Zurich, Nice, Hanover, Graz, Stavanger, Göteborg, Olbia and into some other cities. The airport plays a large role in the Incoming tourism by means of charter flight, in particularin the winter. In the summer there are for his part many charter flights, in particular to Greece.

1988 celebrated Pope Johannes Paul II. in Innsbruck a free air fair in the Bergiselstadion.

1998 come it with largest Snowboard pageant of the world, the Air&Style Contest in the Bergiselstadion,a mass panic, with which several young people are killed.

The Iraqi Architektin Zaha Hadid sketches the 2001 built new Bergiselschanze. The French architect Dominique Perrault planned the Innsbrucker city hall galleries.

The medical faculty of the Leopold Franzens university, one of the four originalFaculties, at the beginning of of 2004 becomes the second independent Innsbrucker University of, the medical University of Innsbruck.

2005 take place in Innsbruck for the first time the Universiade . In addition Innsbruck is in this year, apart from Vienna, venue of the ice hockey A-WM.

2008 are Innsbruck a venue that Football European championship 2008, which is aligned together from Austria and Switzerland.


Innsbruck is seat of a catholic Diözese, which covers the western and middle part from Tirol to the river Ziller as well as Osttirol. Up toEnd of the Second World War was Innsbruck part of the Diözese Brixen. Innsbruck is the seat of a well-known theological university, at which personalities taught such as Petrus Canisius or Karl Rahner.

In addition churches of other religious communities are like e.g. in the city. Protestanten (in the saying gene and in the Reichenau), Mormonen (in Amras), Muslim (various cultural centers in individual quarters).


inhabitant development

Bevölkerungsentwicklung in Innsbruck
population trend in Innsbruck
Inhabitant development
year population
2005 134,803
2003 114,888
2001 113,392
1991 118,112
1981 117,287
1971 116,010
1961 100,695
1951 95,055
1939 81,710
year population
1934 78,797
1923 70,240
1910 65.221
1900 49,727
1890 38,463
1880 32,157
1869 26,573
1500 approx. 5.000


in Innsbruck the mayor is not selected directly. The local council selects the mayor.

local council

the local council consists of 40 members and setsitself since the local council choice to 23. April 2006 from mandates of the following parties together:

city senate

the city senate consists of 7 members and consists of the following town councillors:

  • Hilde Zach - Bürgermeisterin
  • Dr. Michael Bielowski - 1. Vice-mayor
  • DI Eugen sprinkler - 2. Vice-mayor
  • likes. Christine Oppitz Plörer
  • Dr. George Gschnitzer
  • Dr. Marie LuisePokorny Reitter
  • Dr. Rainer Patek

partnerships between cities

with Freiburg connects a part of its history for Innsbruck, then it was from 1386 to 1805 part from Innsbruck from governed habsburgischen front Austria. In addition Freiburg haslike Innsbruck an aerial ropeway of the city.
with Grenoble connects the similar situation of a large metropolis in the mountains for Innsbruck. After the education of a Federal Government from ÖVP and FPÖ in the year 2000 Grenoble placed the partnership between cities however resting.
with new Orleans connects Innsbruck a student exchange of many years of the University of Innsbruck, then annually the Innsbruck takes place internationally buzzer School.

Culture and objects of interest

the dialect spoken in Innsbruck belong to the südbairischen group of dialects on (see dialects in Tirol).


beside these gives it still numerous smaller theatres and small art enterprises.

Work on []


(streetcar museum) in Innsbruck approximately 20 museums.


  • Ambraser of lock concerts
  • Innsbrucker fixed weeks of the old persons music

of buildings

church building


of Naturdenkmäler


since 1952 is Innsbruck a venue of the four-digging tour.

Innsbruck was together with Vienna venue of the ice hockey world championship 2005. In the Tivoli stadium together with other venues the football European championship is held 2008.

Of12. to 22. January 2005 took place in Innsbruck and environment the winter Universiade, the international winter plays of the studying.

regular meetings

economics,Education and infrastructure

Innsbruck is economics, administration and cultural center of west Austria, two-seasonal tourism center (over 1 million Overnight accomodation) and congress - and university town, airport crane requests; Scene of the olympic winter plays 1964 and 1976.

A supraregional meaning fair meeting is the catering trade fair fafga.


2001 gave it in Innsbruck 7,964 working places, of it to 41 enterprises with more than 200 persons employed each. Altogether were by deadline 15. May 2001 78,186 persons employed employed.

Approximately 34,500 humans oscillate daily into the city, of it75% from the district Innsbruck country. The unemployment rate amounted to in the annual average 2004 5%.

In the city the sector of the administration of an estate (32%) before the public service (14%) and the sector carries traffic and transmission of news out (13%)the strongest contribution for local gross value creation.

Agriculture is operated particularly in the quarters Arzl, Amras, Hötting, Vill and Igls. Within the range of the north chain, which has at the same time a function as local recreation area,is also alpine dairy farming.


  • ORF - Regional studio Tirol
  • animal oiler daily paper
  • Telesystem Tirol
  • Tirol TV
  • antenna Tirol
  • wave 1 city radio
  • 6020 city magazine
  • eMagazin
  • the new newspaper for Tirol
  • animal oiler crown newspaper
  • city sheet Innsbruck
  • Innsbruck informed
  • would run radio
  • free wheel - free radio Innsbruck

Public mechanisms

Innsbruck is seat of a district court, the national court (for Tirol) and the higher regional court (responsible for Tirol and Vorarlberg).

Further mechanisms of the land and city administration, university clinic, regional administrative bodies of the federation, interest agencies, schools and the university have here its seat carrier.




Innsbruck had an international airport in the west of the city (crane requests). This is the homeland airportof Austrian Arrows and the Welcome air.

Innsbruck is appropriate to the A12, for the Inn valley motorway, which Innsbruck connects Inn valley to the west up to the Arlbergschnellstrasse and in the east up to the motorway interchange, from which the motorways to Munich and Salzburg branches. Insouthern direction, direction burner and Italy is tied up Innsbruck to the A13, the burner motorway. Toward the north no motorway continues to exist, but only a binding via federal highway over the Zirler mountain after sea-field and over center forest after mixing part churches.

Innsbruck is tied up to the international Eisenbahnnetz. The city is because of the west course, which leads from Vienna across Linz , Salzburg and Innsbruck to Zurich/ Basel and Bregenz. From Innsbruck with it the distance of the Arlbergbahn begins to the west. Toward the east also still courses apart from the courses on the west railroad line, which bend Belgrade with Wörgl toward complaint ford and Graz and in the further consequence until , drive.

In north south direction the railroad line Munich transfers - VeronaInnsbruck, whereby with Innsbruck the burner course starts to the burner, thus to Italy. In addition Innsbruck is northward connected by the center forest course with mixing part churches and in the further consequence with the Ausserfern.

The knot of east west traffic and north south traffic formsthe main station.

Innsbruck has an attractive traffic infrastructure net. In the city by the Innsbrucker transporting enterprises beside a motorbus net also an overhead line bus network and a streetcar net are operated, as well as after operating conclusion of the regular lines a night bus network. The streetcar net consists of thatLines 1, 3, 6 and STB, whereby the line 6 is the Igler and offers binding to the eastern low mountain range, and the STB as Stubaitalbahn Innsbruck with the western low mountain range, Natters, Mutters and the Stubaital (Telfes, Fulpmes) connects. Since 2003 modernized extended in the context of a ten-yearly program the streetcar net and, the Stubaitalbahn to the north southern part of the town regional course developed and an east west city regional course establishes.

In addition connected until December 2005 the hunger castle course, an endless rope haulage system, Innsbruck with the hunger castle and the alpine zoo. Starting from 2007 new, partly underground running endless rope haulage system will replace it. Further it is possible, with the north chain course, for an aerial ropeway, to drive on the Hafelekarspitze on 2.269 m. From this point one has the prospect on the formerOlympia city, as well as on the villages and mountains all around.

See also: To list of the roads in Innsbruck

sons and daughters of the city

see major items list of the sons and daughters of the city Innsbruck


the relief organization SOS Kinderdorf(Donation volumes 2000: 128,3 millions €) has its seat in Innsbruck.

That world-wide transacts Austrian foreign service 1992 by Andreas Maislinger in Innsbruck was based and has here its center.

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