Insect of the yearly

ladybird of point of filter, insect of the yearly 2006

the insect of the yearly is proclaimed annually since the year 1999 by the Kuratorium insect of the yearly of the German Entomologi institute in Eberswalde and the biological Federal Institution for land and forestry in Braunschweig, over on the endangermentto make attentive these animals.

The selection of the insect of the yearly takes place after the endangerment of the kind or its habitat via humans. Thereby also the effect of insects on many humans, for this reason becomes usually very remarkable or interesting is not insignificant kindsselected. Thus also for the zoo-logical layman recognizing is ensured.

past insects of the yearly

The 1999 Greens Florfliege Chrysoperla carnea
2000 Goldgänzender rose beetle Cetonia aurata
2001 flat belly spirit level Libellula depressa
2002 Zitronenfalter Gonepteryx rhamni
2003 field cricket Gryllus campestris
2004 shark floating fly Episyrphus balteatus
2005 Steinhummel Bombus lapidarius
2006 ladybirds of point of filter Coccinella septempunctata

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