integrity is an ethical demand of the philosophical human, i.e. the agreement between idealistic values and actual life practice, not in each small detail, but generally speaking.

human behavior

personal integrity is the continual maintained agreement of the personal, at a humanEthics of aligned value system with own acting. Socially the following characteristics point on a integre personality: Sincerity, human, justice props, trustworthiness, civil courage. Integrer humans live in consciousness that its personal convictions, yardsticks and value conceptions in its behavior are expressed. Personal integrity is as Faithful one described to itself . The opposite from more integer is corruptable, thus itself in its behavior not from worths and principles to let lead but from outside threats and temptations.

the term the referenzielle

describes data (computer science) in computer scienceCharacteristic (Integrity Independence) of a relational data base (see integrity condition). In the area of data security understood by integrity the characteristic, will not have been changed.



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