of these articles treats the director as a director/conductor of a cultural facility. To other (historical) term meanings see director (term clarifying)

The director (v. französ.: director custodian, manager) is the total responsible person managing director and artistic director/conductor of a public broadcasting corporation, a Festspielhauses, a theatre, an opera house, one Festival o. A.

The director embodied usually the administrative point of its house and is thus service superior. Simultaneous is it often also artistic-contentwise actively: Directors of large theatres and opera houses work often also as director or musical leaders.

With the public broadcasting corporations becomesthe director by the choice of the broadcast council determines. In the range stage is used the director mostly by the financing municipalities. Here occasionally the designation director is extended by additions of general manager or state director, if the jurisdiction goes beyond a Bühnenhaus or even (at least honour for the sake ofcourse-thought) supervision for a whole Land of the Federal Republic contained.

acquaintance director by theatres

acquaintance director of broadcasting corporations

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