Inter Milan

Internazionale football club S.p.A.
Series of A: 3. Place (2004/05)
Gründungsdatum: 9. March 1908
city: Milan (MI)
president: Giacinto Facchetti
vice-president: Carlo Buora
manager: Bruno Bartolozzi
managing director: Mauro Gambaro
coach: Roberto Mancini
Captain: Javier Zanetti
of successes:
13 x Ital. Master

4 x Ital. Cup
2 x Ital. Supercup
2 x champion League
3 x UEFA cup
2 x world cup

stadium: Giuseppe Meazza stadium
(85,700 places)
association colors: Blackblue
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
conditions: May2006

inter Milan (official Internazionale football club), briefly inter, is one of the most steeped in tradition and most successful soccer associations of Italy. The association delivers its Heimspiele in the citizen of Milan Giuseppe Meazza stadium - famous, 85,700 spectators the seizing San Siro -. Inter divides the stadium with thatRestaurant rival and legendary Derby opponent AC Milan. The club colors are gold, black and blue. The pointed name of the association is „nerazzurri “(the blackblue). At present the crew is trained by Roberto Mancini. In the past season the Nerazzurri got the Cup. Inter Milan is thatDrittplatzierte of the series of A in the season 2004/2005. Thus they had by the CL - qualification. In the season 2005/06 inter separated against the Spanish club fiber plastic Villarreal in the CL-quarter final.

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of beginnings (1908-1929)

the Internazionale fiber plastic became to 9. March 1908 of several annoyed kosmopolitischen members „of the Milan Cricket and football club “(the today's AC Milan) in the citizen of Milan restaurant „Orlogio “, the close „Piazza delDuomo “, based. Which Italians and Swiss attended, ended to the heated, nearly 5-stündige establishment meeting, with the signatures on articles of association. „The football club Internazionale Milano “, how the association called itself officially, was split off the detached nationalistic Milan CFK, where only Italians were allowed to play.

ThatName „Internazionale “(it.„International “)) was selected, in order to demonstrate the openness of the crew, for players of all nationalities. The association colors were already at that time that today in such a way admitted blackblue. The first coat of arms (with the initials FCIM) was drawn during mentioned establishment meeting on a beer cover. To the presidentGiovanni Paramithiotti, a strictly catholic Venezianer was selected. A further symbol for „Internazionale “became the coat of arms of the former ruler family of Milan, the Visconti. Therefore also the reason agitates to call the players „the Biscioni “(the queues). During the AC Milan in the early periodthe association of the workers was, became inter the association of the citizens, artists and intellectual ones. The first Meistertitel could be won already 2 years after the establishment of the association in the year 1910. Even if this title, as well as the following 1920 not with the later titlesto be compared can (see in addition also series of A).

renaming in Ambrosiana inter (1929-1955)

inter became 1929/1930 first master of the again created totalItalian professional league, the direct Vorgängerin of the series of A. In the cadre of the master crew was thatlegendary Giuseppe Meazza (world champion and name giver of the “San Siro” - stadium in Milan), which came already two years before to inter. With Meazza, to which this very day as one of the best Italian soccer players of all times is considered, inter in the consequence became three times master and once Cup winner.In these years Juventus Turin was the main rival of inter. Until today each portion between the two rivaling associations is tituliert as „Derby d'Italia “in the media. To lead back it is among other things also on the fact that alone inter and Juve the only two ItalianClubs are, which did not descend ever, although Juventus 1912 should descend. They did not descend however, since another association broke went and thus Juventus was allowed to remain in the series A. During the time of the fascist regime had itself inter, which itself after thatOpinion Mussolinis too openly gave, fuses. Thus 1928 the forced fusion with US Milanese Milano came to the SS Ambrosiana inter (starting from 1930 AS Ambrosiana). The championships 1938 and 1940 were won despite the continuous war, since in Italy until 1943 football was played.

Afterthat 2. World war, was renamed the association again in „Internazionale “, and to inter its supremacy in Italy kept back and became with coach Alfredo Foni and the Swedish national player Lennart Skoglund in the storm 1953 and 1954 masters. The title duel between Juventus and inter in the year 1961 became the scandal of the series A. At that time about 10,000 spectators pushed to break the play off too much into the stadium , which it forced the arbitrator and rated the play 2:0 for inter, with which inter of the designate masters would have been. In last instance the federation arranged howeverRepetition play on, because „the sport is to triumph “. Noteworthy it is however that Umberto Agnelli was a president of the Italian football federation at that time as from Juventus. From rage inter let a youth crew accumulate, in order to show the world, there are which plots in the Italian football. Juventus triumphed to 9:1 andbecame „master “.

„La Grande inter “(1955-1972)

after the Ölmagnat Angelo Moratti inter president became, arrived the Nerazzurri in the 60's at large fame. The era Moratti applies until today as a most successful time of the association, in the inter a world-wide well-known crewbecame. Considerably however also Helenio Herrera, was coach at that time, involved in success. The Argentinier grown up in Morocco, was famous apart from its play system ( see Catenaccio) above all also because of its unusual play preparation. In the changing room for example the players church songs had to sing,or throw themselves the ball in fast consequence, in order to develop confidence and crew spirit.

Its pointed name read “IL Mago”, the Zauberer. Herrera developed a disciplined and kämpferische troop, it was a master of the exaggeration and was in former times concerned as other one with sport psychology. Itjustified thereby the role of the modern occupation of coach. Under the guidance „of the slave driver “the Nerazzurri experienced its bloom time. „La Grande inter “created in the middle of the 60's in four years three times the introduction into an European Cup final, about which two were won. Starting from the season 1961/inter terminated 62 in the following six years the championship never more badly than at place. Hard man covering, raids of the Liberos Giacinto Facchetti, counter by Luis Suárez and Jair, and in addition a Stürmer such as Sandro Mazzola were a durable success concept. „La Grande inter “won inthe season 1962/63 Scudetto and one year later with a 3:1 - final game victory over material Madrid in Vienna the first European Cup of the national masters. In the same year terminated inter the championship as vice-masters, the only deciding match had preceded around the title inthe series of A against the fiber plastic Bologna. The association celebrated its largest success in the season 1964/65, as inter as a first Italian crew the Tripple from championship, European Cup and world cup won. In the European Cup final game in the San Siro became Benfica Lisbon with 1:0defeated. In the connection inter defended the world cup , which it had already won in the previous year against Indepediente from Argentina. Also 1967 came inter into the national master final, lost there however disputed against Celtic Glasgow with 1:2, due to a doubtful eleven-meter decision. Ironically ended just with that 10 Meistertitel, to thatfirst master star and as first carriers after Juventus, the glorious time of the Grande inter. In the future still several titles were won, but to the successful time of the 60's the association, in particular on European level, could not tie any more.

interin the era after Moratti (1972 until today)

to an eclat it came 1972, as in the play Borussia Moenchengladbach - inter, a fan with the conditions of 2:1 interplayer Roberto Boninsegna allegedly with a Coca Cola - box threw and to this replacement left themselves. Inter blocksthe cab, so that no official physician could examine Boninsegna and the play became afterwards cancelled. After a 0:0 in the repetition play inter drew European Cup to fourth time into that national master final. There one lost however against Ajax Amsterdam with 0:2. Controlling figure in the ItalianFootball was damal Alessando „Spillo “Altobelli. For the lombardischen association Altobelli in 466 plays obtained 209 gates.

To 21. August 1979 deceased to Giuseppe Meazza, citizens of Milan the San Siro stadium thereupon designated after it. Beautiful memory for the inter a trailer is the season 1979/80. The Nerazzurri got the championship, while city rival Milan had to descend , together with Lazio Rome because of fraud and a scandal into the series of B.

Into the early 80ern among other things the Gabriele Oriali, Graziano Bini, Ivano Bordon and Giuseppe Baresi played oneimportant role with inter. Both 1977/78 and 1981/82 inter the Coppa Italia won. In the spring 1989 inter under the coach legend Giovanni Trapattoni could win for the last time to today the championship. From the outset was existed little doubt thatInter master would become. Inter got 58 of 68 possible points. In the same year inter got in addition by a 2:0 success over Sampdoria Genova also the Supercup to Italian. In this time, after the soccer world championship 1990 German soccer players played a large role with inter.Thus Lothar matte house, Andreas Brehme and Jürgen Klinsmann helped , 26 years after the last international title of the association to win in May 1991 against as Roma the UEFA cup. Three years later knew likewise both final games in the UEFA cup against Austria Salzburg after gatesby Nicola Berti and Vim Jonk with 1:0 to be won in each case. Key players of the early 90's were the Torwart walter Zenga as well as the defender Giuseppe Bergomi, which holds the current association record with 756 employments.

1995 became Massimo Moratti, son of Angelo Moratti, interpresident. Butalthough the Moratti family invested strongly in players such as Ronaldo and Christian Vieri, inter in the league could convince since then no longer completely. So far junior only a success in the UEFA cup followed 1998 under Moratti. Reasons for it were probably frequent coach changes and a partially wrongTransfer politics, or the continuous injury (EN) of world star Ronaldo. In addition the title decision is much disputed in the last rounds of the season 1997 /1998 in favor of of Juventus due to some arbitrator wrong decisions.

1999 terminated „Zio “Giuseppe Bergomi, which played its whole life for inter, its career. Those captain-binds took over Javier Zanetti. Tragically likewise the renewed heavy injury of Stürmerstar Ronaldo to 12. April 2000 directly with the comeback in the Italian cup final. While career already saw many Ronaldos at the end, inter continued to hold to „the phenomenon “and should keep quite. At the latest with the soccer world championship 2002bewiess Ronaldo impressively the fact that it to be still expected it is and became world champion and changed goal scorer king, however thereupon too material Madrid.

Inter again lost 2001 the already nearly surely believed title on the last play day, by a bitter 2:4 against Lazio Rome. In that2002/2003 inter was thrown to following season only completely scarcely in the semi-final of the champions League by the AC Milan with two undecided from the competition. After the riots of the fans with the replay to 12. April 2005 received inter Milan a fine from 300.000 SFR andhad to deliver the following four plays in the Chmapions League under exclusion of the public, two further on probation, if there are riots again until 2008.

In June 2005 the club takes a challenge by the Mexican rebel organization EZLN to a football match against a selection to thatRebel on. Inter Milan had financially supported already medical projects of the rebels in the region Chiapas.

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