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Cannes, palace of the festival the Congrès Starlet
in Cannes novel
Polanski with Adrien Brody ( left) in Cannes 2002

the international film festivals of Cannes et is considered as and the most famous Filmfestival most meaning world-wide and belongs together with the film festivals of Venice, the Berlinale and the international Filmfestival from Locarno to the A-festivals. They take place since 1946 annually in May in Cannes to the French Côte d'Azur . The next film festivals become of 17. May to 28. May 2006 organizes.

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the film festivals were already conceived before the Second World War, could take place however for the first time 1946. 1948 and 1950 failed it because of shortage of money. In consequence that Paris May unrests 1968 became the festival to 19.May broken off. The previous evening Louis Malle had withdrawn as a member of the jury. Malle, François Truffaut, Claude Berri, Jean Gabriel Albicocco, Claude Lelouch, novel Polanski and Jean Luc Godard penetrated into the large hall of the palace of the festival and demanded the interruption of the demonstrationas solidarity stating with the strikers workers and students. Besides this action was to be understood also as indications against relieving of Henri Langlois, taken place briefly before, as a director of the Cinémathèque française.

competitions and prices

the film prices international film festivals become from oneassign again built up international jury, which consists mainly of film-creative from year to year. The most important price is the golden palm (palm d'Or), with which the best film of the competition is distinguished. Further prices assigned by the jury for the total film are (indescending order) the large price of the jury (Grand prix you jury), the price of the jury (Prix you jury) as well as (not compellingly each year assigned) the special price of the jury. Besides there are prices in the single categories of female actors, male actor, Direction and film script.

Also different organizations distinguish competition films, most importantly are the FIPRESCI price of the international film criticism (Prix de la FIPRESCI) as well as the price of the Ökumeni jury (Prix you jury oecuménique).

Apart from the main competition it gives from Festivalseite stillthe Kurzfilm competition with the golden palm for Kurzfilme (palm d'Or you court métrage), the competition Cinéfondation, in which working film student premium ore become, as well as Un Certain rain pool of broadcasting corporations, a row, in which since 1998 the Prix Un Certain rain pool of broadcasting corporations is assigned.

Finally the combination of the directors Société of the Réalisateurs de Films with their La Quinzaine of the Réalisateurs and the critic organization Syndicat lead français de la critique de cinéma with its La Semaine international one de la Critique its own independent in the context of the international film festivals bothParallel meeting through, with which a set of prices are assigned also in each case. The golden camera assigned since 1978 (Caméra d'Or) for a first work serves thereby as clammy one, there the winner of a jury from representatives of the three meeting carriers from the competition programs of all threeParallel meetings one selects.

golden palm

the golden palm assigned since 1955, up to then was called the most important honor large price of the international film festivals (Grand Prix you festival international you film). The golden palm can also, last happen 1997, ex aequo, thus in equal parts to two films to be assigned.

So far two German directors could take the golden palm in receipt: Peoples Schlöndorff 1979 for the Blechtrommel and Wim of Wenders 1984 for Paris, Texas.


in Cannes become also large artistshonoured. So 1985 the master director François Truffaut. This was excluded 1958 as a critic in Cannes, since its reports were too critical. One year after it received the direction price for its first work you kissed and it struck it. After Paris May unrests Truffaut boycotted thatwith colleague the film festivals, which could not take place therefore 1968. One year after Truffauts death met Jeanne Moreau in Cannes its star (Jean Pierre Léaud, Claude Jade, Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant) on the stage and presented a “Hommageà François Truffaut ", which filmed Claude de Givray as “Vivement Truffaut”.

Year golden palm director country
2005 the child Luc & Jean Pierre Dardenne Belgium
2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael of moorlands the USA
2003 Elephant Gus Van Sant the USA
2002 the pianist novel Polański the USA
2001 thatRoom of my son Nanni Moretti Italy
2000 Dancer into the dark Lars of Trier Denmark
1999 Rosetta Luc & Jean Pierre Dardenne Belgium
1998 eternity and one day Theo Angelopoulos Greece
1997 the taste of the cherry Abbas Kiarostami Iran
of the Aal Shohei Imamura Japan
1996 Lies and secrets Mike Leigh Great Britain
1995 Underground Emir Kusturica Yugoslavia
1994 Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino the USA
1993 living well-being, my Konkubine Chen Kaige Hong Kong
the Piano Jane Campion New Zealand
1992 the best intentions Bille August Sweden
1991 bar clay/tone finch Ethan and Joel Coen the USA
1990 Wildly RK Heart David lynch the USA
1989 Sex, lies and video Steven Soderbergh the USA
1988 Pelle of the conquerers Bille August Sweden
1987 the sun sow to the Maurice Pialat France
1986 The mission Roland Joffé Great Britain
1985 dad is on official travel Emir Kusturica Yugoslavia
1984 Paris, Texas Wim of Wenders Germany
1983 the Ballade of Narayama Shohei Imamura Japan
1982 misses Constantin Costa Gavras the USA
Yol - the way Serif/Yilmaz Güney Turkey 1981
the man from iron Andrzej Wajda Poland would ferment
1980 universe That jazz Bob Fosse the USA
Kagemusha - the shadethe Kriegers Akira Kurosawa Japan
1979 Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola the USA
the Blechtrommel of peoples Schlöndorff Germany
1978 the wood shoe tree Ermanno Olmi Italy
1977 my father, my Mr. Paolo Taviani Italy
1976 taxi Driver Martin Scorsese the USA
1975 chronicle of the years of the glow Mohammed Lakhdar Hamina Algeria
1963 the leopard Luchino Visconti Italy
1962 O pagador de promessas Anselmo Duarte Brazil
1961 Viridiana Luis Bunuel Spain
still after year and day Henri Colpi Switzerland
1960 La dolce vita Federico Fellini Italy
1959 Orfeu Negro Marcel Camus France/Brazil
1958 ifthe Kraniche ziehn Mikhail Kalatozov USSR
1957 luring temptation William Wyler the USA
1956 being silent world Jacques Yves Cousteau/Louis Malle France
1955 Marty Delbert man the USA

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