International youth meeting place Kreisau

IJBS Kreisau - Blick auf den Kuhstall
IJBS Kreisau - view of the cow stable

the international youth meeting place Kreisau - long: International youth meeting place “donation Kreisau for European communication”; briefly: IJBS Kreisau - lies in the 200-Einwohner-Dorf Kreisau with Schweidnitz.

The extensive property was to 1945 the family seat of the aristocracy family of Moltke. Among other things at this historical place the members of the Kreisauer of circle met around Helmuth James count von Moltke. After the Second World War the plant purged much, since the Polish socialist government did not see it gladly that at this place one thought. In this time the property was used as farm and the individual houses to carry this very day names such as cow stable, memory or horse stable. Exactly on this property then 12 met to. November 1989 the Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki and the German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl to the reconciliation fair and decided to reorganize the property fundamentally, in order to open an international youth meeting place. The renovation was financed predominantly by the “donation for GermanPolish communication”. 1998 were then opened the meeting place officially. With the opening ceremony were among other things the widow of Helmuth James count von Moltke, Freya von Moltke and the initiator Helmut Kohl present.

Plan der IJBS Kreisau
Flat the IJBS Kreisau

some hectares the large property orders since then over a great many comfortably equipped guest rooms, both for groups of young people and for private people, a Speisesaal (that was used in former times as cow stable), a Cafeteria, sport area and - places, conference rooms (with simultaneous interpreting plant) as well as party areas (with table tennis and Billard). On the area is likewise a very beautifully restored lock, in which an exhibition is to be found to the Kreisauer circle. Somewhat apart from the lock is a grill place. About 150 meters of the entry one finds a grocer's shop with all forcing. There are not attractions in Kreisau . About ten kilometers of Kreisau lies Schweidnitz with the famous peace church, which stands on the world cultural heritage list of the UNESCO. About 50 kilometers from Kreisau is Breslau with its many, innumerable attractions.

The lock in the change of the time
Schloss gestern
lock yesterday
Schloss heute
lock today

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