International telephone preselection

an international telephone preselection (also land preselection, English. country code) is a telephone number, which one selects, in order to arrive at the logical level of a national telephone network. International telephone preselections consist of two parts:

  1. A number sequence, over on thoseto arrive logical level of the international telephone network. This depends on the country, in which one is, therefore it internationally uniformly with one+ “is symbolized.
  2. A number sequence, around from there on the logical level of the nationalTo arrive telephone network. This will uniformly assign Telecommunication union (International Telecommunication Union ) from that internationally world-wide.

Example (land preselection to Germany): „+ 49

  1. the number chain to the entrance symbolized from the local telephone network to the international telephone network, through „+ “, z reads. B.
    1. 00 “applies from many telephone networks, for example from (nearly) all European. In numerous further countries, or already, to this number sequence one changed over.
    2. 011 “from the USA and Canada
    3. 119 “from Cuba
    4. 09 “from South Africa
    5. into all GSM - to nets world-wide can be directly entered instead of the number chain also+ “.
  2. The number chain of the international telephone network into the desired national telephone network (the actual country code) is independently of the output telephone network, to Germany thus always„49 “. For the three examples mentioned one receives thereby:
    1. 00 49 “(many countries)
    2. 011 49 “(the USA and Canada)
    3. 119 49 “(Cuba)
    4. 09 49 “(South Africa)
  3. the prominent 0 of the local preselection indesired country must be sometimes omitted (example:Germany), sometimes not (example: Italy).

Other examples of Ländercodes:

The USA and Canada +1
Russia and Kazakhstan +7
Austria +43
Switzerland +41
Liechtenstein +423
South Korea to +82

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