International corruption index

overview of the corruption perception index, to countries

the corruption perception index, (also international corruption index) internationally also English Corruption Perception (s) index (CPI), is raised since 1995 of Transparency international, a non-governmental organization, which dedicates itself world-wide to the fight against corruption, in 146 countries (conditions: 2004).

At present the listing of professor Johann count Lambsdorff, is provided Lehrstuhl for economic theory University of Passau on behalf of Transparency international. The listing appeared first to 25. June 1995.

The CPI indicates for it the perception of corruption. It lists countries after the degree, in which corruption is noticed there with office-holders and politicians. It is a compound index, which relies on different inquiries and investigations, which were accomplished by nine independent institutions. Businessmen as well as Länderanalysten were asked and referred at home and abroad inquiries with citizens. The index goes from 1 to 10, whereby the smallest perception of corruption indicates 10.

The CPI according to 2004 106 from 146 countries less than 5 of 10 possible points reaches. To sixty countries are even under the value 3 of 10 possible points, which points on a corruption verwurzelte deeply.

At the point (score more largely than 9) again above all economically strong countries lie such as Iceland in the version 2005 (1.) Finland (2.), New Zealand (2. (sic)), Denmark (4.), Singapore (5.), Sweden (6.) or Switzerland (7.). Because of the lowest end (less than two points) above all economically weak countries are such as Chad last position 158, Bangladesh (likewise 158.) , Turkmenistan (155.) Myanmar (likewise 155.), Haiti (likewise 155.), Nigeria (152.), Equatorially Guinea (152.), The Ivory Coast 152.) as well as Angola (152.).


into the listing information from different, independent sources flows: Local resident, foreign ones, experienced business persons, independent institutions, scientist, public partly contribute to the same countries.

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