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the Internet Movie DATA cousin (IMDb) is a data base over films, TV serials, video productions and video games as well as over the persons, who participated in it. Up-to-date there are entries to more than 482,000 film productions of all kinds and too over 1.9 millionHumans. The use is in principle free. Against payment offers an additional information offer (current box Office - statistics, access statistics, agent contacts etc.).

In the data base is a majority of all cinema and a great many television films, which were turned since beginning of the cinematography. Differently than with similar projectsalso pornografische productions are archived. Missing information can be entered afterwards by the visitors (after previous registration).

It can be looked for both for films and for persons, film characters, quotations, within biographies as well as (over different extended searches) for many further data. The extent of the offeredInformation depends on the admitting heating degree of the films and persons or on it, how much material was conveyed by interested persons at IMDb. Since films and star from Hollywood are world-wide most well-known, there is also usually particularly for this much information.

Visitors can to films evaluations andComments deliver, which are then evaluated after a system which is based on the Bayes probability distribution. On the one hand starting from 5 delivered voices an average value is computed, on the other hand after a further computation system a list of the 250 (in the IMDbpro version 500) best and 100 worst films.

With thatGerman-language version of the IMDb so far only individual terms on the film sides (for example actors instead of Actor) were translated into German.

As alternative there is the OFDb, on-line film data base. It offers substantially more compact and abgespecktere information and contents, is however completeGerman-language.

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the origin of the IMDb lies into the newsgroup rec.arts.movies, a discussion platform for film-inspired. Far before 1990 some participants thereby, began lists over actors to lead directors and other oneto publish and regularly over rec.arts.movies. In October 1990 were in these by hand led lists over 23.000 entries, which Col Needham united with the help of some programs and made scanable - the result was the Internet Movie DATA cousin: Episode I - The text Only UnixVersion. The system was with the today available hardly comparably, at this time had still each user the entire data base on its own computer to copy, in order to be able to use her.

1993 became the data base by E-Mail accessible, and shortly thereafter, before firstlarge Webbrowser NCSA Mosaic came out, accepted the first Web - version shape.

The rising number of users and data made it necessary 1996 that the private project IMDb was converted under violent debates per/versus commercialization into a company. Owners of the company were those, alsoso far the lists had led. The work to the IMDb and for the Internet Movie DATA cousin, Ltd. settled they usually apart from school, study and occupation.

Until had itself the size of again 1996 doubled 1998, and the resource need threatened the possibilities their sideline and practicallyto exceed free of charge working owner. After because of the fear that the project would be divided into its components, several bids had been already deflected, went the IMDb 1998 to the Internet distributing house

The roots of the IMDb are also today still recognizable. The data base livesto large parts still of the co-operation of the net municipality and returns its complete existence still free of charge to the net municipality, not only over the portal side, but also in the form of raw data.

Ratings users registered

of IMDb can alsoPoints from 1 to 10 evaluate all films. If sufficient evaluations accumulated, an average value is calculated, and to have still many more persons an evaluation delivered, the film can appear with sufficient high (or more deeply) score in the rank list of the best or worst films. These listsit gives global for all films and for film category (documentations, war films, dramas etc.). Likewise one can see on the personal articles under „sorted by rating “, how well the films of a director or an actor fare among themselves.

In order to belong to the 250 best films, must a film at present at least with an average Rating evaluated of approximately 7.8 its. However this is not sufficient, because IMDb processes still further, not the public well-known values.

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