Internet Protocol

IP (Internet Protocol)
family: TCP/IP
operational area: Packet dispatching
both locally and
world-wide over different
of Internet minutes in the TCP/IP minutes pile
application ftp smtp HTTP DNS
Transport TCP UDP
network IP (IPv4, IPv6)
net entrance Ethernet token

RFC 791 (1981)
RFC 2460 (IPv6, 1998)}

The Internet Protocol (IP) (German: Internet minutes) are network minutes wide-spread in computer nets. It is one (and/or. ) the implementation that Internet - layer of the TCP/IP model and/or. the switchings - layer of the OSI model.

IP forms the first layer of the Internet minutes family independent of the transmitting medium. That means that by means of IP address and Subnetzmaske (subnet mask) computer within a network into logical units,Subnetze so mentioned, to be grouped can. On this basis it is possible to address and for connections to them develop computers in larger networks, there logical addressing the basis for Routing (choice of route and forwarding of network packages) is. The Internet Protocolthe basis of the Internets represents .

See also: IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, TCP/IP reference model, OSI model, IP address, IP package, mobile IP, reference model, Address Resolution Protocol, IPTV, IP-Telefonie

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