Internment camp

an internment camp is a camp, whose passenger is prisoners of a usually military organization. In the course of the Entnazifizierung for example after the Second World War many presumed Nazis and war criminal were held in such camps. Also prisoners of war or politically not desired ones and/or.for citizens dangerously held were interned, in the USA during the Second World War for example compatriots of Japanese descent and in smaller number, German American, Mexikaner and Italiener. In Great Britain fled became in the internment camps during the Second World War also to Great BritainJews, as for instance Gerhard body wood, and also anti-fascist interns.

An internment camp, in which soldiers of an opposing country are interned, is a prisoner-of-war camp.

An internment camp is not to be compared with a concentration camp, although the latter contains elements of the first.

Examplesfor internment camps existing at present:

it obviously gives in the USA a “Army's Civilian Inmate laboratory Program” (program of the army for the hard labour of the civilian passengers) with “Civilian prison camps” (camps of civilian prisoners on military areas), where internment camps of the US Federal Governmentto be built and with armed personnel equipped, which have however still no passengers.

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