Intershop (trade)

Kaffeedose first class Feinster Hochlandkaffee intershop Sonderfüllung VEB Kaffee- und Nährmittelwerke Halle/Saale.
coffee box roofridge class finest high land coffee intershop special filling VEB of coffee and feeding central works resounds/to Saale.

Intershop was a retail chain in the GDR, their goods only with convertable currencies and/or. late forum checks and not with Marks of the GDR to be paid could.An intended side effect was that the normal DDR-Bürger got and with the consumer goods offer of the GDR compare could thereby a limited view of the goods offered of the west.


to 14. December 1962 became in the German democratic one Republic of (GDR) the national trading organisation Intershop based. Freely convertable currencies (foreign exchange, validity ) should be gained. At validity such prevailed a lack in the GDR that even smallest quantities were welcome. Target group were transit travelers and visitors outthe western foreign country. The first still mobile stands were inserted into Berlin in the station Friedrichstrasse. Here mainly cigarettes were sold at substantially a favourable price than in west Berlin. Gradually then also alcohol and other goods were added. Already 1962 was made for so 1 million DM conversion.

At first the Intershophandel was organized of the Mitropa. With the mechanism of the first interhotels a room service so mentioned was then introduced also there. These were usually in a hotel room accommodated and should animate also there to spending validity currencies. Gradually these business grew ever more.

Became later then also business at border crossing points, on lay-by at the transit distances between the Federal Republic of Germany (intertank) and West Berlin and on stations, flight andDriving ports furnished. To be paid could with each freely convertable currency, particularly with German Mark (DM). The assortment covered food, alcohol, tobacco goods, clothes, play goods, decoration, Kosmetika, technical devices, clay/tone carriers and much more besides. There were these products in the GDR forto buy the official currency Mark of the GDR not at all or only in inferior quality, although the largest part of the goods offered was produced in the context of permission production in the GDR for west companies.

Until 1974 were it DDR-Bürgern forbidden, validity toopossess (see west money). By decree the Council of Ministers of the GDR this prohibition was then waived, and DDR-Bürger were allowed to buy since then in most Intershops. , The “Transitshops so mentioned” - partly with self-service -, which was because of motorway restaurants, was however after howbefore only for travelers from the non-socialist foreign country accessible, why at the entrances the travel documents were to be presented. Besides the offer was on duty-free goods (cigarettes, liquor, coffee and perfume) as well as mark clothes, clocks and decoration aligned. The selling prices for these goodswere clearly under the price level in the Federal Republic of Germany or west Berlin, while the Intershop prices for all other goods, which particularly by DDR-Bürgern were inquired, were relatively high. DDR-Bürger did not know validity however legally against Marks of the GDR exchanges. Legallyonly validity gifts of relatives from the western foreign country or pay for activities were abroad western, which was disbursed proportionately in validity. 1974 gave it meanwhile 271 to Intershops. 1977 took Erich Honecker publicly in the GDR television during a speech to thatIntershops position. But the population constantly saw the different goods offered.

Starting from April 1979 had to be exchanged validity with the state bank 9 of the GDR into forum checks so mentioned. A forum check Mark corresponded to DM. For the supply of the Intershop shops the forum was foreign trade companyltd. with 900 coworkers responsibly, to the range commercial coordination belonging.

In the 80's there were meanwhile 380 branches and the conversion went into the billions. Since 1962 those became last 300 branches of Exquisit in the GDR (for high-quality) And since 1976 delicate (for high-quality food fine food) of 550 business constructed and so also citizens of the GDR without west money the entrance to high-quality goods should make possible clothing of shoes for Kosmetika and tax away surplus purchasing power. This was always also one of the main points of criticismmany citizens of the GDR, who could never have bought something alone with honest work in the Intershop.

The Ministry for state security (short MfS) supervised the Intershops very strongly, often worked member of MfS coworkers or - functionaries as shop assistants. Also monitoring cameras became partialassigned and at first even passports were controlled. Also the transport of goods was well secured. Nevertheless it came however to numerous thefts and unites partly armed would attack on Intershop branches. With the clearing-up always also the MfS was involved beside the people police. Oneit stated that also branch managers and employees belonged frequently to the group of authors. Therefore for the 80's a part of the wages was disbursed in west money to the sales personnel and additionally had to be exhausted tips according to firm rules.

There one in the Intershopnot to photograph was allowed, exist only very few photos from the inside of the shops. Most come from the MfS. In August 1984 the West German photographer Günther cutter received a special permission. It provided a photo series over the Intershopläden. Of it one expectedan increase in sales.

The Intershops in the station Berlin Friedrichstrasse represented a characteristic (see there).

See also: Genex

list of the Intershops

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work on []


  • Dessau
    • Dimitroffplatz
  • Dresden
    • main station
    • hotel Bellevue
    • of Pope villages road
    • hotel Astoria, Strehlener place


  • Eberswalde
    • at the station
    • Schicklerstrasse
  • iron oh
    • in the station
    • at the Nikolaitor (today seat of the KKH)
  • Elsterwerda
    • Kirchstrasse
  • Erfurt
    • in the Erfurter yard, later in the “countryGewölbe " in the Schmidtstedter STR.



  • Gera
    • beside the interhotel
    • Gera Lusan
  • Görlitz
    • beside the hotel “city Dresden” (ggü. the station)
  • Greiz
    • main station
  • Gotha
    • garden route and in the old person station hotel
  • Grimmen
    • at the market, only food and luxury, no clothes
  • Güstrow
    • tightness road


  • Hagenow
    • inthe Schweriner road (now - after new building - location of the work agency Hagenow)
  • resounds (Saale)
    • in the interhotel resounds at the Thälmannplatz (now hotel maritime at the rubbing hitting a corner place)
    • in the main station (original in the station hall, after transformation at the station free area)
    • at the southern part of the town ring
    • resounding new city
  • Hennigsdorf
  • Hermsdorf
  • herring village
  • refuge
  • Hoyerswerda
    • in the residential complex 6 (cosmonaut quarters), mainly clothes, technology etc.
    • in the proximity of the station, only food
    • in the “guesthouse” a hotel opposite the Centrum - department store
work on []


  • Jena
    • passage
    • hall station


  • Karl Marx city (today: Chemnitz)
    • interhotel congress (today hotel Mercure)
    • hotel Chemnitzer yard, theatre place
    • interhotel Moscow
    • Karl dear farmhand STR., corner Heinrich Zille STR.
  • Köckern (motorway restaurant)
    • blocks, Kirchstr. Oebisfelderstr [
work on] hits a corner


  • line field
    • in the building complexformer town hall today “uppercalibrationfield-resounds”
  • Leipzig
    • main station
    • at the hotel Astoria (closed since 1997)
    • fairground
    • opposite of the Thüringer yard
    • in the interhotel “Merkur”, after 1990 Mercure, late Interconti, The Westin Leipzig
  • Lübbenau
  • Luckau
    • lime tree road


  • Magdeburg
    • in the interhotel “INTERNATIONAL”
    • gold forging bridge
  • me village
    • motorway restaurant (north and south side in each case a “Transitshop” only for travelers from the non-socialist foreign country; Sales only against freely convertable currency, not against forum checks; on the south side additionally a normal Intershop without self-service)
  • Mühlhausen/Thuringia
    • Röblingstrasse




  • Pasewalk
    • station
  • potsdam
    • barracks toformer main station (now station Pirschheide)
    • interhotel (now hotel Mercure)
    • lock Cecilienhof (only for travelers from the non-socialist foreign country; Sales only against freely convertable currency, not against forum checks)
    • opposite the entrance to the park Sanssouci at the Obelisk
    • barrack beside hotel “at the hunter gate”
  • Prenzlau
    • Grabowstrasse



  • Rostock
    • proximity station
  • Rudolstadt
    • proximity station (place of the victims of fascism)





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