Interstellar area

the interstellar area (interstellar: “between the stars”) is sternferne the space area within a galaxy. In this area the starnear areas (Heliosphäre) are interspersed around the stars, in case of the sun the inter+planetary area of the planet system. Outside of the galaxies the intergalactic area lies.

The border between interplanetary and interstellar area is defined by the Heliopause, at which the solar wind is braked by the interstellar subject. The exact distance of this frontier from the sun is not so far well-known; it becomes estimated on the quadruple distance of the Pluto (well 16 billion kilometers).

Explanation about the range of the Heliosphäre and the conditions at the Heliopause are expected Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 by the space probes Pioneer 10 , Pioneer 11 , which could probably reach this region as first human being-created objects in the year 2020 and convey measured values.

Similarly the border between interstellar and intergalactic area is defined by a galactic gas flow driven outward, which forms a boundary layer in the external area of the galaxies with the intergalactic subject.

Journeys by the interstellar area are a popular topic of the Science Fiction. Technically realizable such projects are not due to the enormous distances and our terrestrial still to primitive technologies so far.


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