an Intranet is a computer network work, which is based on the same techniques as Internet (TCP/IP , HTTP), however only by a fixed group by members of an organization to be used can.

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system of the Intranet

for the IT infrastructure means that the employment of TCP/IP as network minutes, the Internet - services as application basis and of Webbrowsern as universalUser surface.

That access to an Intranet does not have to be spatially limited. With enterprises with locations in different countries therefore all coworkers can access the same Intranet.

Another extended form is the Extranet.

The term Intranet becomes often independentused by its technical definition for the summary the enterprise - or community-internal Web - communication. In addition can belong file server , web pages , Chats or forums. Typical contents are in-house public information such as rules, arrangements, procedure - and expirationinstructions, documents and forms.

spreading of the Intranet

the Intranet is common in many enterprises, where the coworkers can inform about newest messages as well as rules and arrangements. In addition they find important documents in the Intranet and Forms, which download themselves it for their work or can expressions.

Also some states have their own Intranet, extreme an example are the democratic People's Republic of Korea. There most humans do not have an entrance to the Internet, butcan surfen only in the local Intranet.

Internet Virtual

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