Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd (* 6. October 1973 in Cardiff, Wales) is a walisischer actor.


Gruffudd began its career at the age of 14 years as an actor in the walisischen soap opera Pobyl Y Cwm (1989 - 1994). After conclusion of its play study to the Royal Academy OF drama TIC kind in London it participated in several projects; among other things embodied it Jeremy Poldark in the Familiensaga of the same name.

It received more attention however only by the role than 5. Officer Harold lion in the Hollywood - Blockbuster Titanic.

In the English-language area it became by its presentation as a title hero of the novel filmings of Cecil Scott Forester 's Horatio Hornblower admits.

Other main roles followed, among them the role than Solomon in the walisischen drama Solomon & Gaenor, which were nominated in the year 2000 for the OSCAR in the category of best Fremdsprachiger film.

it embodied 2004 at the side of Clive Owen (Arthur) and Keira Knightley (Guinevere) in Jerry Bruckheimer 's King Arthur the knight Lancelot. In the year 2005 the role followed as Mr. Fantastic in the Comic filming of the Fantastic Four.

With the turning work to 102 Dalmatiner he became acquainted with its present engaged Alice Evans .

Its best friend is Matthew Rhys, likewise walisischer actor (among other things Abduction club, Sorted, Tabloid, Titus, draws to World, House OF America, Deathwatch, Fakers)




  • 1989-1994 - Pobol Y Cwm
  • 1995 - double Exposure - A relative Stranger
  • 1996 - Poldark
  • 1997 - A Mind ton of Kill (consequence: “Strand Territory”)
  • 1998 - Hornblower (consequences: “The Even chance”, “The Examination For lieutenant”, “The Duchess and The Devil” and “The Frogs and The Lobsters”
  • 1999 - Charles of thickening ' Great Expectations
  • 1999 - Love into the 21st Century (consequence: “Masturbation”)
  • 1999 - Warriors - employment in Bosnia (Warriors - Peacekeepers), with Damian Lewis
  • 2000 - Hornblower II (consequences: “Mutiny” and “Retribution”)
  • 2003 - Hornblower and the Hotspur (consequences: “Loyalty” and “Duty”)
  • 2004 - Century town center, with Hector Elizondo

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