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Ioan of getting (* 18. July 1935 in Timişoara) is a Austrian singer, opera agent and a director of opera of Romanian origin.

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of getting studied mechanical engineering with the field steam engines at the technical university Timişoara. 1956 it was exmatrikuliert due to the participation to the student movements for political reasons of all universities of the country.

Afterwards Ioan of getting works until 1959 among other things as tennis coach and a Regieassistent, until he began a singing study in Vienna. After its conclusion it was active as Opernbariton and concert singers.

1966 occurred getting as a coworker the theatrical agency Starka, which he took over and as opera agency of getting one of the most important agencies made after some years.

1988 it was appointed by designate director Eberhard guard as the Secretary-General of the Viennese state opera starting from 1991. This led contractual obligations in the media to partly violent criticism, because getting was accused, with the acting state opera management of Claus's Helmut Drese to have negotiated and at the same time already its successors zuzuarbeiten. , Then it, whose commitment it had mediated to the state opera, was called those singers it as a member of the future opera guidance would now at the same time criticize (guard planned at that time to limit and replace by a strengthened structure of ensemble as well as long-term guest contracts the system of the evening contracts gas animal that artists). Also, getting was geargwöhnt with commitments for the play times of guard as it were singer contracts with its own agency would negotiate. Finally getting from its opera agency withdrew itself, which was sold later.

After the unexpected death of guard in February 1992 getting at the 1 became. April of the same yearly to the director of the state opera orders. It obtained substantial corrections on within short time guard of conservative conception, left the titles open of the played operas as by June 1991 again in the source language - thus Le nozze di Figaro instead of the wedding of the Figaro - to plakatieren and weichte the ensemble principle by a reinforcement of short term evening contracts. Besides it obligated exponents of modern opera productions such as harsh ore who-nods, Götz Friedrich, Hans's new rock, Willy Decker or David Pountney. To resume older productions under the line of the respective directors again rehearsed at the state opera getting put the plan of guard nearly completely aside. The repertoire played by it relies essentially on the new productions of its management time, supplemental from well-known key works or unites older productions, whose smaller expenditure is to facilitate the organization of the daily play plan. Besides getting - like already its predecessors Drese or harsh ore of Karajan - sets again increased on Koproduktionen with other houses, for instance the salt citizen festivals, the citizen of Milan Scala or that for Paris opera. Some productions of the Viennese state opera were sold or lent to other opera houses, approximately to the Bavarian state opera in Munich, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice or the metropolitan Opera in New York.

Holenders contract was extended three times and ends in June 2010. Then the long-serving leader will be more getting in the history of the state opera.

In Berlin getting cared for the übergangsweise program of the German opera after the premature door of the director Udo Carpenter.

Training representative at Institut for theatre, film and medium science of the University of Vienna is more getting .

It is married and has with its wife two sons and a daughter.


  • Ehrendokterwürde of the Universities of Bucharest and Timisoara as well as the music academies Sofia and Gheorghe Dima in Cluj (Klaus castle)
  • golden earnings/service character of the country Vienna
  • golden decoration of earnings/services to the Republic of Austria
  • Austrian honour cross of science and art I. Class
  • Clemens Krauss medal of the concert combination Viennese state opera State of
  • star to gang, the highest medal of Romania


  • Autobiografie: Ioan of getting - the life way of the Viennese of director of state opera (2001), Böhlau publishing house Vienna

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