Irakli Okruaschwili

Irakli Okruaschwili (Georgian ირაკლიოქრუაშვილი; * 6. November 1973 in Zchinwali) is a Georgian politician (national movement - democrats). The attorney was of 10. June to 14. December of 2004 Ministers of the Interior Georgiens. Since that 15. December 2004 he is a Secretary of Defense. With the solution of political conflicts it is considered as a falcon in the Georgian government.

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1990 it terminated the high school in low-reads with the Abitur. 1995 it closed a legal state examination at the national university low-reads off. Subsequently, he worked first in the line of the centers electoral committee Georgiens, later than advisor at the TACIS project national service committee of the European union. By February 1996 to 1998 he was an attorney in the Kanzlei Kordsadse, Swandidse and Okruaschwili, from 1998 to 2000 in the Kanzlei Okruaschwili & partner in low-reads. Starting from 1998 it held lectures on international commercial law at the national university.

opposition politician

in October 2000 became Okruaschwili of deputy Ministers of Justice under me-hurries Saakaschwili and its main advisors in law questions. Together with him it withdrew in October 2001 from protest against support lacking during the corruption fight against its office. In June 2002 it became on the list of the opposition party united national movement (today: National movement - democrats) to the member of the town councillor von Tiflis selected. Five months later he became a chairman of the inspection committee of the town councillor.

With the parliamentary elections in November 2003 he achieved a direct mandate in Gori. After the samtenen revolution in Georgien president Saakaschwili appointed it first the administrative boss of the Rayons Gori, Kaspi, Chaschuri, Dschawa and Zchinwali. In January 2004 the parliament selected it to the prosecutor general Georgiens. Okruaschwili formed itself during the prosecution corrupt civil servants and the conveyance of their illegaly acquired property to the state. He let the bosses of the state railways, the sport federation and the postal bank arrest, briefly before they could submerge with larger sums.


to 10. June 2004 was selected Okruaschwili on suggestion president Saakaschwilis from the parliament to the Georgian Minister of the Interior. In the new office it dismissed approximately 15,000 officials of the traffic police and reorganized the police police cars. To 15. December 2004 he was appointed the Secretary of Defense. Since that time it advances the structure of the army after NATO - standards.

In April 2005 it became admits that Okruaschwili denies military expenditure in million height from an halfofficial army relief fund was paid, which is fed from means, which of corrupt civil servant Shevardnadze - era to the public prosecutor's office, in order to escape a criminal procedure. The fund was furnished behind the back of the parliament and is not controlled by it.


Okruaschwili is member of the world lawyer company and the international legal society. It is married and has a daughter. He speaks Russian and English.

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