Iran versus affair

the Iran versus affair, following the Watergate affair also Iran gate mentioned, was a political scandal during the term of office of US - president Ronald Reagan. It uncovered in the months Octobers and November of the yearly 1986.

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weapon businesses

of the Reagan government incomes from secret weapon sales to Iran to the Contras oriented towards the right in Nicaragua were passed on, around itto support with their guerrilla war against the sandinistische government. On the one hand this support was an offence against a congress resolution (Boland Amendment), on the other hand was the money to originally redeems American hostages in Lebanon intended.

drug smuggling

inthe hearings to the affair in congress of US it came also to the light that the Contras had smuggled several tons cocaine over years into the USA, and that the CIA knew and bore these activities. During uncovering senator particularly did John Kerry out, which led also its own commission of inquiry to the drug trade connections of US authorities (see quotations and Web on the left of). Although these illegal activities were at least just as serious as the weapon businesses with disliked Iran, they played until today in the publicPerception of the affair hardly a role.1996 described the exposure journalist Gary Webb in the series of articles Dark Alliance in detail, how the large quantities of cocaine had been brought particularly in Los Angeles on the market.


thoseThe USA were guiltily spoken of the international Court of Justice into the Hague because of military and paramilitärischer activities into and against Nicaragua. Although the USA sent judges to the court, the government, the international court explained no power had, via the USA toojudge. In a resolution the UN-general assembly requested the USA to recognize the court decision. Only the USA, Israel and El Salvador were correct against the resolution. After the government of Nicaragua was fallen and the USA threatened to stop auxiliary payments to the country gavethe successor craving all requirements from the judgement up.

results of the investigation

to what extent president Reagan and Vizepräsident Bush (sen.) into the Iran versus affair were complicated, could by the assigned commission of inquiry are never clarified. Reagan did not make statementsand always explained, it could remember nothing.Donald Rumsfeld was at times of the affair of special representatives for the Near East. A key role played the CIA at that time - director William Casey, the two days before its hearing in the Iran versusCommittee of inquiry to 29. January 1987 at a cancer illness died.

The official responsibility for the illegal activities in the affair was attributed to the up to then rather insignificant lieutenant colonel of olive North, that in the white house as a member of the national security council for thoseCo-ordination of covered operations was responsible. Despite obvious lies before the committee of inquiry and proven heavy offenses it succeeded to North to get over the affair as a free man. It won a kind cult status in the consequence with the American conservative ones and is todayLecture speaker and author of numerous books. Six of the höchstrangigen involved ones, under it the former Secretary of Defense Weinberger and the former security advisor McFarlane became of president Bush sen. begnadigt. Critical voices in the US public assumed that with it further investigations, also on of Bush own roleas a vice-president of the government Reagan, to be prevented should.

Other important persons in the scandal: John Poindexter, Robert McFarlane, David M. Abshire, Donald Rumsfeld, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

of quotations

  • it exists a shade government with theirown Air Force, its own navy, its own raising of funds mechanisms as well as the possibility of implementing their own conception of national interests freely of all controls and freely of the law. US senator Daniel K. Inouye (during the senate hearings to the Iran versus affair)
  • our country made itselfAccomplices in the drug trade, at the same time in which we on it spent innumerable dollars, the problems caused by drugs into the grasp to get - it is simply unbelievable.Senator John Kerry in the senate hearings for the role of the CIA inDrug smuggling of the Contras, source see Web on the left of
  • with God, the secret services of this country should in the war (against the drug dealers) help, instead of also still co-operating with this Abschaum of the earth - they did that. Senator aluminium D'Amato, ebenda.

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