Iris Berben

iris Berben (* 12. August 1950 in Detmold) is a German actress.

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your cinema debut had it already with 18 years with the film of detectives. A broader public became it at the side of Ingrid Steeger in the Klimbim - follow-up series “the himmlischen daughters” unte the direction of Michael Pfleghar admits. Beside many further films it became particularly than humorous woman owing to the Comedy - row Sketchup, together with Diether cancer, admits. Today it is particularly as clerk sarin in the crime film - to row pink Roth in the Second Channel of German Television to see.

Iris Berben was 1994 for the Playboy as well as 1987 and 2002 for the Penthouse photo model.

2002 received it the Leo Baeck price of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany due to its continuous temperful occurring against right-wing extremism, Antisemitismus and for the existence right of the State of Israel in safe borders.

Michael Verhoeven produced its confronting readings from the diaries of Anne franc and Joseph Goebbels, with which she proved 2002 their darstellerische versatility.

She is the nut/mother of the producer of olive Berben (* 29. August 1971). You life companions are the resident of Munich buyer and gastronomer Gabriel Lewy.

films (excerpt)

  • detectives (1968)
  • standing on males (1970)
  • let us kill, Companeros (1970)
  • Duett too third (1976)
  • oh you dear Harry (1980)
  • almost Trinidad (1985)
  • the inheritance that gulden castle (1986-1990)
  • diary for a murderer (1988)
  • the frog king (1991)
  • running pig Rudi trunk (1994)
  • a mörderischer plan (2000)
  • the devil woman (now 2000
  • ) official travel (2001
  • ) who loves, is right (2001
  • ) drive to hell, sister (2002
  • ) the beautiful bride in black (2002
  • ) and Israel? (Documentation) (2004)
  • beautiful widows kiss better (2004)
  • the Patriarchin (2005)
  • silver wedding (2005)
  • pink Roth (1994-jetzt)


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