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Jean Iris Murdoch DBE (* 15. July 1919 in Dublin, † 8. February 1999) was an anglo Irish authoress and philosophies. It is admits for its novels, which connect detailed person descriptions with binding actions and usually of ethical or sexual topics act.

Their first novel under the net was selected 2001 of the editorship of the American publishing house decaying LIBRARY as one of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20ten of century.

In addition Murdoch is the main person in smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Eyres Filmbiographie iris. Therein the history of their purge is described by the Alzheimer illness from the view of her man John Bayley, at the time, when they lived in north Oxford.

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Murdoch studied classical and old history as well as philosophy at the Somerville college of the University of Oxford. At the Newnham college of the University of Cambridge attained a doctorate it with Ludwig joke gene stone in philosophy. In the year 1984 it became “fellow” at the pc. Anne's college of the Univsersität Oxford.

It wrote 1954 to its first novel under the net (English: Under the Net), after it had published already philosophical papers before, among other things the first English-language study over Jean Paul Sartre. She became acquainted with 1956 in Oxford her later married man John Bayley likewise, a professor for English literature and writer. Afterwards it wrote further 25 novels, other philosophical work and dramas in the year 1995, when the first symptoms of the Alzheimer illness began, which regarded them at the beginning as a write blockade.

Murdoch received the Booker price for the sea, the sea ( English to 1978: The Sea, the Sea), an extremely highly detailed novel over Kraft of the love and the loss: A former actor is overwhelmed by jealousy, when he meets his former large love after several decades again.

In the year 1987 she was appointed the “lady COMM other” the British knight medal order OF the British Empire.


Murdoch was strongly coined/shaped by Plato, Freud and Sartre. Their novels are alternating urgently and grotesque, fully of black humor and surprising idioms; they go under the civilized surface of the upper class environment, to which their characters usually belong. Often atypical gays of characters in their works seem, particularly in The Bell (1958) and A Fairly Honourable Defeat (1970). It also often wrote over a powerful and nearly dämonischen male “Zauberer”, which forces upon its will to the other characters - a kind man, who Murdoch allegedly their lover, to who Nobelpreisträger Elias Canetti had a feeling for.

Although it predominantly wrote in a realistic style, it twisted occasionally ambiguities into its work by the misleading use of symbols, and by the use of Fantasy elements in their precisely describing scenes.

The Einhorn (English. Perhaps The Unicorn, 1963) can be understood as thought out shower romance or as novel with Gruselelementen or as brilliante Parodie on the form of the shower novel. The black prince (English. The Black Prince, 1973) is a remarkable study erotischer obsession. This text becomes more complicated and suggested different interpretations by the fact that some subordinate characters contradict the storyteller and the mysteriösen “publisher” of the book in a set of epilogs.

Some their works for the television, like for example the series of the transmitter “British television” were filmed after the collecting main of its novels at Unofficial rose and The Bell. J. B. Priestley adapts its novel A Severed Head from the year 1961 for the stage, which became piece 1971 of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations the Attenborough with the actor Ian cross-beam uraufgeführt. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Eyres film iris (2001) been based on the memoirs of their married man from the time as it the Alzheimeri illness developed and in the year 1999 deceased. In the film Judi Dench and Kate Winslet play the old and/or. the young lady Murdoch.


the British writer A. N. Wilson wrote a biography over Murdoch in the year 2003: Iris Murdoch as I Knew ago (iris Murdoch like I it knew). This book was described of the British magazine The Guardian as “spitzbübische revealing” and as “quite spectacularly ill-bred” [1]. Wilson called its book a “anti- Biografie” and describes into it Murdochs sexual liberality and unfaithfulness that she blossomed “in documents of the fraud”, was brutal and “was ready, with nearly everyone to bed to go” (Wilson 2003) [2].


of novels

  • Under the Net (1954), dt.: Under the net
  • The Flight from the Enchanter (1956), dt.: The escape before the Zauberer
  • The Sandcastle]] (1957), dt.: The Sandburg
  • The Bell (1958)
  • A Severed Head (1961)
  • at Unofficial rose (1962)
  • The Unicorn (1963)
  • The Italian Girl (1964), dt.: The Italian girl
  • The talk and the Green (1965)
  • The Time OF the Angels (1966)
  • The Nice and the Good (1968), dt.: Louder Bruno's Dream
  • (1969 ) purifies people
  • A Fairly Honourable Defeat (1970)
  • at Accidental one (1971), dt.: A man under many
  • The Black Prince (1973), dt.: The black prince
  • The Sacred and everyday Love Machine (1974)
  • A Word Child (1975)
  • Henry and Cato (1976), dt.: Henry and Cato
  • The Sea, the Sea (1978), dt.: The sea, the sea, excellently with the Booker Prize
  • Nuns and Soldiers (1980)
  • The Philosopher's Pupil (1983)
  • The Good Apprentice (1985)
  • The Book and the Brotherhood (1987)
  • The Message ton the planet (1989)
  • The Green Knight (1993)
  • Jackson's dilemma (1995)
  • Something Special (shortened reimpression 1999; Original publication 1957)


  • Sartre: Romance rationalist (1953)
  • The Sovereignty OF Good (1970)
  • The Fire and the Sun (1977)
  • Acastos: Two Platonic Dialogues (1986)
  • Metaphysics as A Guide ton of Morals (1992)
  • Existentialists and Mystics (1997)


  • A Severed Head (with J.B. Priestly, 1964)
  • The Italian Girl (with James Saunders, 1969)
  • The Three Arrows & The Servants and the Snow (1973)
  • The Black Prince (1987), dt.: The black prince

lyric poetry

  • A Year OF Birds (1978; revised edition 1984)
  • Poems by iris Murdoch (1997)


  • John Bayley: Elegie for iris. From that English ones. of Barbara Rojahn Deyk. Beck, Munich 2000. ISBN 3-406-46064-X
  • J. Bayley: Iris, A Memoir od iris Murdoch. Abacus, London 1998, 2002. ISBN 0-349-11215-0
  • J. Bayley: Iris and ago Friends. Abacus, London 1999, 2000. ISBN 0-349-11310-6
  • A.N. Wilson: Iris Murdoch as I Knew ago. Hutchinson, London 2003. ISBN 0091742463

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