the irony (Greek ειρωνεία - old-Greek eironeía, today ironía expressed - literally the adjustment) is an expression, which means the opposite of the saying, which draws the opposing point of view with apparent seriousness in the contradictory. In contrastto humor irony is rather critical and not around agreement endeavored. Irony is often underlined by Mimik, gestures or stress and marked as such in such a way.

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Ludwig Tieck, particularly however Friedrich Schlegel, coin/shape the term of the romantic irony; in addition a special form of the irony forms the tragic irony.

In the self irony a critical, spielerische attitude reflects itself in relation to the own point of view.

Irony is only from the context understandably. For example the designation is understandable Warmdu only in regions, where there are also showers for the majority of humans. The most well-known ironical behavior reflects itself however in reactions, for example answering“You hero!“on somewhat perfectly natural, senseless or not unusual.

In a written report irony is not to be recognized always clearly. The author and its attitudes are usually unknown; likewise the transmission the set of stress is missing. Thoseonly possibility of avoiding misunderstandings completely is, to do in written reports without irony. However there are rather clear methods to represent irony also in printed media; details in addition in the next section.

The well-known author Heinrich Heine is already long agothe introduction of an irony character similar to the exclamation mark demanded, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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text media newspapers contributions clearly as ironical to mark (gloss). Here often sow-Irish elements become like for exampleExaggerations, repetitions or alleged technical language used.

Internet users have other possibilities in communication ( for example in report forums , enamels and Chats) due to the rather loose handling clay/tone, in order to express or mark irony (as well as feelings):

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