Isaac Bashevis Singer

Isaac Bashevis Singer (* 14. July 1904, in Radzymin, Poland; † 24. July 1991 in Miami, Florida) was a writer and a Literaturnobelpreisträger 1978.

Isaac became as a son of a Rabbiners in the village Radzymin in close proximity to Warsaw born and buildup starting from 1908 in the jiddischsprachigen arm quarter of Warsaw . Isaac Singer and its brother Joshua pull with their grandparents 1917, during the First World War, into the village Biłgoraj (with Lublin), only 1921 return he again to Warsaw. 1935 emigriertethere it into the USA and began as a journalist for the Jewish DAILY forward (the forward of), a Jewish newspaper in New York to write. He wrote the largest part of its texts on Jiddisch. Importantly are above all its Kurzgeschichten, in which it picturesthe Kabbala and the Jewish folklore used. It was affected also by its older brother Israel Jehoschua Singer (1893 - 1944), likewise a recognized jiddischer writer.

1984 received an honour doctor title of the Ben Gurion university of the Negev in Beerscheba , Israel to Singer.


  • of the Satan in Goraj. (Sotn in Goray) 1934, German 1957
  • the family Moschkat. Novel (the familye mash-has/The Family Moskat) 1950, German 1984
  • Gimpel the fool and other narrations. (Gimpl tam un other dertseylungen) 1957,German 1968
  • shade over the Hudson. Novel 1957
  • the Zauberer of Lublin. Novel 1960, the German 1967
  • Jakobs the farmhand. Novel 1962, German 1965
  • enemies, the history of a love., Novel 1973, German 1974
  • as Schlemihl to Warsaw went, to stories for children
  • the Landgut, Novel (The Manor) 1967, German 1967
  • the inheritance, novel (The Estate) 1979, German 1981
  • the visa, novel
  • of the Büsser
  • of the fatalist, narrations
  • that GOLEM, a legend
  • the emperor of China, who placed everything on the head
  • The king of the fields, novel over early history that Poland
  • the son from America, narration
  • the death of the Methusalem
  • the Gefilde of the sky. A history of the Baal Tow.
  • The witch, narration
  • the small shoemakers
  • the fools of Chelm and theirHistory
  • the destruction of Kreschew, narration
  • one day of the luck and other stories of the love
  • a childhood in Warsaw
  • stories of the love
  • I is a reader, discussions with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burgin.
  • Jentl, (three narrations from Gimpel the fool: Jentl thatTalmudstudent, short Friday and blood)
  • passions
  • pig and mess or: The milk of a Löwin.
  • Meschugge, novel
  • max, the Schlawiner
  • Meschugge, novel.
  • My father the rabbi
  • lost Noahs
  • pigeon Schoscha,
  • novel in America: of the Schtetl into the new world
  • insanity stories
  • Zlateh the Geiss and other stories

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