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of these articles treats the Chilean authoress Isabel all end. For the politician of the same name, see Isabel all end (politician).

Isabel all end [isaˈβel aˈʎende] (* 2. August 1942 in Lima, Peru) is a Chilean authoress, lady journalist and politician. It is related to the former Chilean president Salvador all end and the politician Isabel all end. It is today one of the most well-known authoresses of the world and sold over 35 million copies in 27 different languages. It becameas a daughter of the diplomat Tomás all end, the cousin of Salvador all end (president of Chile 1970 - 1973), and Francisca Llona, born. 1945 separated her parents, the nut/mother returned with the three children to Chile, where themuntil 1953 remained.

Later the family pulled to Bolivia, afterwards into Lebanon. In Bolivia Isabel visited an American and in Lebanon a British Privatschule in Beirut. It returned 1958 to Chile and terminated there theirSchool years. There she became acquainted with its first married man Michael Frías, which she married 1962.

From 1959 to 1965 she worked for the UN in Santiago, later in Brussels and Geneva. Its daughter Paula was born 1963. 1966 turnedshe again to Chile back and got its son Nicolás.

Beginning of the yearly 1967 was it lady journalist for the magazine Paula and of 1973 - 1974 for the child magazine Mampato. It published two child stories „La abuela Panchita “and „Lauchasy Lauchones “, also a collection of Kurzgeschichten, „Civilice A CSU troglodita “. Besides it worked for channel 7 and 13 of the Chilean television.

1973 were uraufgeführt their piece „El embajador “in Santiago. 1975 went to Isabel all end voluntarily to Venezuela. Duringtheir time she worked there for the newspaper „El Nacional “in Caracas and as a teacher on a school for pupils between 11 and 18 years.

1981 died their grandfather with 99 years. It began to write it a letter. From thisdeveloped the manuscript for its first novel the spirit house. This book became a world success. The Danish director Bille August has it 1993 with Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Winona Ryder, Glenn CLOSE and Antonio gang-races filmed.

1988 during an attendance in California met it its current married man Willie Gordon. Since that time it lives in San Rafael. 2003 received it the US-American nationality.

Allendes book „Paula “ (1994 appeared) is a memory of their childhood in Santiagoand their years in the exile. It wrote it in form of a letter to its daughter, who was appropriate in coma in the hospital (it died 1992 at Porphyrie - left or acquired enzyme defects with disturbed Porphyrinbildung).


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