Ishikawa Kaoru

the Japanese chemist Kaoru Ishikawa (石川馨 Ishikawa Kaoru; * 1915, Tokyo; † 16. April 1989) of developed numerous quality tools, under others the Ishikawa diagram designated after it (1943). In German the Ishikawa diagram is also as “fault tree”, “cause effect diagram” or“Fish fishbone diagram” admits. Into it it goes around expirations, errors and out of it developing events, thus around the representation from causes and effect.

He worked closely with the American “quality guru” Dr. W. Edward Deming together, whose 4-Punkte extended plan but hitting a corner act (PDCA Model) it to six points (1952).

Flat- DO - Check - act:

  1. (Plan1) Determine goals and target
  2. (Plan2) Determine methods OF reaching goals
  3. (Do1) Engage in education and training
  4. (Do2) Implement work
  5. (check) check the effects OF implementation
  6. (act) Take appropriate action


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